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Living Room Furniture Layout (before) Worksheet Answer Key

Living room layout ideas are easy to apply as long as you have drawn it on the paper. If you have just moved into a new house or apartment, the first room which needs a remodeling design is the living room. Imagine if your friends and family come for a visit. It will be uncomfortable if you have no place to entertain them. Skip the remodeling design for the bedroom or kitchen and focus first on the living room layout ideas. You do not have to make it complicated.

3D Living Room Layout

Cheap Living Room Layout Ideas

Pick the simple layout which can increase the actual space in the living room. You can use a graph paper and begin to draw the placement of furniture. It will be great if you decide the focal point in living room layout ideas. The fireplace is often selected as the focal point. Set the sofa, recliners, chairs, love seats, coffee table and other furniture pieces facing the fireplace. The coffee table can come in round or square shape. It is located in the middle of the room between the long sofa and fireplace.

Ensure that living room layout ideas will never block out the opening of the windows and door. Before you set the coffee table, spread an area rug first to make your feet comfortable.  The decoration of the fireplace can be easy. You can hang several socks that remind you of the Christmas theme. Or you can set a big painting or picture of a family on the fireplace mantle.

If the living room is also used as a place to relax, you can set a rocking chair next to the fireplace.  If the living room is big enough, you can divide it in two sections. One is used as the seating area. Another one is used as a reading space for functional living room layout ideas.

Living Room Layout Planner

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Living Room on a Budget

Living room ideas on a budget can save you from spending a lot of money. If you think that cheap decoration is not great, you are wrong. Bring what you need here if you run out of budget. The decorative items such as ornate mirror, chunky side table and crystal chandelier which can cost you a lot are not important.

The first thing that you can do with living room ideas on a budget is picking the theme. If you have a small living room, the Japanese, contemporary and modern home decor is perfect. If you have a large living room, you can use it as an entertainment spot too.

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You can infuse it with a small library and game area for kids. If you have kids at home, ensure that you can make the living room a safe public space. You do not have to set porcelain and expensive china inside living room ideas on a budget. Kids can make them broken.

After you decide the theme, you need to make the space neat and clean. You can de-clutter the living room. Even though this idea is very simple, it can bring a great impact. When you remove the unimportant item in the living room, you make it look bigger and more elegant to view.

Living room ideas on a budget will be amazing to apply if you have a focal wall. You can use it to hang the interesting sculpture, photos or painting. Create a statement with a big painting. Or you can set wallpaper on the focal wall which can reflect the theme in living room ideas on a budget.

How to Improve Small Living Room Furniture Layout

There are various ways that you apply to improve the living room layout. Many people who live in a small house always feel uncomfortable with the cramped feeling. Too many pieces in the living room can banish the tranquility.  You can rearrange the furniture and accessories in the living room to make it ampler and more comfortable to access. Grab a piece of paper to draw the plan of furniture arrangement. Making a plan can cut the energy and effort when you rearrange the furniture.

You can do it fast since you need the right spot to place the coffee table, sectional sofa, side table, chairs, and recliners. If you have no plan before, you will place them randomly. Ensure that the traffic flow in the living room layout is not blocked due to the new placement of furniture. The furniture can be set facing the door.

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Decide the focal point in the living room layout. You can choose the fireplace, windows, painting, or even bookshelves as the focal point. It will be comfortable if the fireplace is used as the focal point. It enables you to get a warm feeling during the cold season.

You can locate the sofa and cabinets against the wall to give more space for the traffic.  It can create an illusion of a bigger space in a small living room layout since the center of the room is empty. You can set a coffee table in a round or square shape here. The next thing that you can do is getting rid of the clutter.

The toys, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, games, and other knick-knacks do not need to be displayed. You can save them inside the hidden compartments under the coffee table, cabinet or sofa. If you want to put them on display, you can set open shelves on the living room layout.

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