7 Simple Halloween Office Decorating Ideas You Should Try

Halloween is a celebration. It’s been a longtime tradition to celebrate Halloween with friends or family. But, don’t forget to celebrate it in the office by having Halloween office decorating ideas. Don’t forget that your friend in the office is also your family. You spent half of your day with them, right?

For leaders in the office, it is important to celebrate traditions like this. Allowing your staff to decorate their cubical is one of the ways to keep them solid. So, let them explore Halloween décor ideas for the office. Don’t worry, this article will help them.

Celebrate Halloween at Work

Most modern companies applies a flexible rule. It is because youth dominates the working population. So, managers and leaders must adjust to their culture of work. Celebration is one of the ways to build a solid team. And Halloween is the perfect celebration to associate with teamwork.

Since Halloween is not really related to any religion, employees rarely complain or offended by it. Besides, letting employees gathered in the team in craving Halloween office decorating ideas is awesome. To make it more fun, managers can throw a challenge and the winner will get a prize.

For example, a costume challenge, office Halloween decorations ideas challenge, or Halloween trivia contest. Preparing Halloween celebration at work is always related to the Halloween office decorating idea. So, if your office allows you to celebrate it, then don’t be afraid to decorate your working station.

7 Simple Halloween Office Decorating Ideas Wicked Witch Reception Photo

Tips of How to Decorate Working Station in Halloween Theme

Even if you are allowed to apply Halloween office decorating ideas, there is something you need to pay attention to. The most important thing is that you must stay productive and mobile. So, try to keep your desk or main working station clean.

Another concern is to keep your working station good looking. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you can have messy bloody decoration. There are tons of ideas for office Halloween decorating in a chic and elegant way.

Furthermore, you must pay attention to your friend next to your working station. Make sure that your decorations don’t bother them. Remember, you and your team must stay productive during Halloween celebrations. If you must decorate your desk because there is a challenge, try to make it simple and chic.

Halloween decor ideas for the office must put forward aesthetic value. You don’t want your cubical looks like a crime scene, do you? So, avoid hanging a bloody skeleton or overload accessories. It is the same for your costume, avoid using a messy robe because you will hard to move.

Simple Halloween Office Decorating Ideas

There are tons of simple ideas you can try if you have to decorate the office of Halloween. It will be more awesome if you can make it together with your friend. Since our recommendation is very easy, you can make it during lunchtime or after office hours. Let’s dig these Halloween office decorations ideas below:

7 Simple Halloween Office Decorating Ideas Ghost In The Jar Pics

1. Head in the Jar

What is more creepy than having your head in the jar? But, since it’s Halloween, it is okay to give it a shot. Besides, making head in the jar is very easy. All you need to have is a mason jar, close up picture of face, laminate, water, and food coloring.

First, print a face in a paper and then adjust it with jar size. And then, laminate the picture and get rid of extra plastic so it will fit inside the jar. Insert it into the jar, pour some water, and then add some food color. Well, your head is on the jar right now.

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2. Wicked Witch Reception

Another Halloween office decorating ideas is by having a wicked witch as a reception. Not only ask your receptionist to dress as a wicked witch, but also decorating the front desk. It’s a quite simple and chic decoration made of bulletin board paper. Additionally, cut them in a pattern of a headstone, flying witch, and bats.

3. Spider Cubical

The next Halloween office decorating ideas is by having a cubical decoration. Simply print a creepy pumpkin face. Also, to make it creepier, you can hang a spider web made of net. This idea is suitable if you have your own cubical. It is simple and far less messy.

4. Ghost in the Jar

Mason jar is a perfect item to make Halloween office decorating ideas to come true. If you want to have a ghost accompany you, then you can store them in the mason jar. It is also easy to make and cheap. All you need to have is just a mason jar, bandage, some branches, and some straw.

You and your friend can store more ghosts in more jar and then hang them in the alley. Or, you can simply put it in a front desk and on every desk in the area. So, everyone can have their own ghost.

5. Halloween Wheel-O

The modern office usually has a fun corner. So, it will be great to put a Halloween wheel to play trick or treat. Moreover, employees can have more fun during lunchtime by spinning the wheels. This one is also cool enough for competition.

6. Halloween Candy Bar

The next Halloween office decorating ideas is by creating a candy bar station. Ultimately, Halloween is nothing without candy. Use a black pot to store the candy and put a creepy name tag for each pot. It would be more fun if you fill the pot with chocolate too.

7. Halloween Crime Scene

A crime scene can also take place in the office especially on Halloween season. But, it doesn’t have to be bloody or messy. Simply draw a crime scene spot on the carpet and add some details on the alley. You can hang a crime scene pictures and add small pumpkin craft on the floor.

You are very lucky if your office allows you to have a Halloween office decorating ideas. Remember to keep your working station clean and tidy during this celebration. And when the season is over, don’t forget to take down all of your ghosts, skeletons, and wicked witch. You don’t want them to haunt you, do you?

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