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The decorative curtain rod are not only functional. You can also use them to increase the value of the house. The windows can be seen not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, sunroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. You can make each room in the house amazing with the right window treatment. The curtain is very important to block the light and maintain privacy in the house. Moreover, you can increase the beauty inside the room. When you want to hang the curtain perfectly, you need to pick the right curtain rod. You can choose the decorative one for it looks unique.

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Decorative Curtain Rod for Windows

Actually there are two functions of the decorative curtain rods. It can be used to hold on the curtain rod. The second function is to support the overall look in the room. The rod is a part of the room’s decor. If you go to the stores, you can find a lot of decorative curtain rods.

Check the hardware, finish, color, model, shape and design to make sure that it can support the room decor. If you choose the decorative rods, you need to make sure that the people can see them.

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The decorative curtain rods are made in an ornate style. If you choose the simple rod, it usually remains hidden behind the curtain. The simple one will never cost you a lot of money, but it will never be seen as a part of the decor. You have to choose the decorative rod if you want to show it.

It can fit with scarf curtain and sheer panels. It is great to see with decorative brackets too. You can use them to mount the rods. If the draperies or curtains are very heavy, you can install the decorative curtain rods in double design.

Curtain Rod Finials for a Better Window Treatment

You can get a better window treatment with curtain rod finials. The window treatment can be the focal point in the living room or dining room if you do not have a TV or even a fireplace. You can have a very big glass facing the beautiful garden. It can bring a natural view inside the living room.

When you set the sofa facing the window, you can bring the natural decoration inside. The large glass window should never look plain. You can pick a nice addition which can frame the window. Install a nice curtain that can control the light and maintain privacy at home. When the night comes, you can close the view from the glass window using this curtain.

This idea will be amazing to see if window treatment is perfect. The selection of the curtain is important, but you should never neglect the curtain rod finials. You can pick the finial which can complement the type of the curtain rod. The color of the rod and finial should be similar to avoid the contrasting effect. If you have the rod in glazing gold, you have to choose a similar gold color for the curtain rod finials.

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There are endless choices for curtain rod finials in the online market. You can pick the simplest to the most ornate ones depending on the type of the room. You can build the amazing result with the curtain rod in metallic style, dots or even stripes.

If you have nautical mood inside the living room, you can pick the finials with seashell decoration. It can also feature the fish or other marine animals for the shape of finials. If the modern curtain rod finials are used to decorate the bedroom for boys, you can choose the finials in super Balls.

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