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Enjoy a unique design in the bathroom with a modern shower curtain. You can build an interesting theme in the bathroom with a fabulous shower curtain. Many homeowners neglect the appearance of the shower curtain because they believe that it is not as important as wall and floor tiles. It is not true since the shower curtain also plays an important part to decorate the bathroom. It can set the mood in the bathroom. You can make it elegant, modern, unique or even contemporary by having the right shower curtain.

Modern Shower Curtain with Unique Design

The first noticeable item when the guests walk inside the bathroom is the modern shower curtain. You can hold the serene feeling or soothing ambiance with a modern curtain. There are many choices of modern curtains in the stores. You can choose a modern spa design or even a tropical island curtain. The striped pattern is very popular today.

You can combine two or three colors at the same time on the curtain. Therefore, it can banish the boring feeling inside the modern bathroom. Many people think that a modern bathroom is super plain due to the usage of soft colors such as beige, white or even black. But installing a striped modern shower curtain, you can have more colors without creating an overpowering effect.

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The stripped modern shower curtain can be made in the combination of black and white, red and black, or pink and white. If you want to make it super bold, choose the modern curtain in a rainbow pattern. The next style to choose is in a shaped pattern.

You can bring in deep feelings with a simple straight lined pattern. Or you can install the checkerboard or geometric pattern on the curtain. If you want bold design, the abstract patterned curtain is good to choose from. This simple remodeling with a new modern shower curtain will never cost you more than $50.

Double Swag Shower Curtain for Beautiful Decoration

A double swag shower curtain brings beautiful decoration in the bathroom. Replace the old curtain and choose the double swag design if you want to carry a fresh effect. It will be boring if you always hang a similar curtain for years. A white curtain is a simplest and easiest curtain ever. It is also cheap. But it can create a boring effect if you never pick a cute curtain to hang on the shower. Replace the white curtain and choose a different one in images and patterns.

The modern shower curtain also serves a functional purpose. It can give you privacy when you want to take a bath. It can save the dry area from the spill of water. However, the beautiful aspect in the bathroom should not be neglected too.

If you are interested to purchase the double swag shower curtain, you have to check the models, designs, colors, and styles in various websites. Ensure that it can blend with the decoration in the bathroom. It will look bad if you have a modern bathroom design decorated with a traditional styled double swag shower curtain.

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If you have a modern or contemporary bathroom, you can have to select the simple and flowing double swag shower curtain. It can be in an abstract or geometric pattern to avoid the selection of plain white curtains. This beautiful decoration is not as expensive as long as you do not choose the designer shower curtain.

The swag curtain is offered in various materials. You can choose cotton, bamboo, polyester, and vinyl. If you want to have a durable curtain, ensure that you pay attention on the material. The color of the swag curtain also determines the style of the bathroom. If you have a modern bathroom, the combination of black and white is great to see. It can be in a checkerboard pattern. If you want to enjoy a relaxing double swag shower curtain, you can pick the dominant blue color.

Best Clear Shower Curtains for Stylish Bathroom

Enjoy a stylish bathroom design with a clear shower curtain. Have you installed a clear curtain before? If you have not tried, it is a good time to pick it up. This item is not only functional, but it can carry the decorative effect inside the bedroom. You can make the bathroom look simple, chic and modern.

This basic curtain is needed if the bathroom is decorated with a busy pattern on the wall or patterned floor. You need to have a simple shower curtain which can reduce the overpowering impact inside the bathroom. The modern shower curtain can be made from different kinds of materials such as heavy vinyl or even polyester.

Clear Shower Curtain Extra Long

The material determines the price of the clear shower curtain. If you want to pick the curtain with a standard price, choose the vinyl one. It is long lasting and can resist mold and mildew. You can give full protection in the bathroom by having a clear vinyl curtain. The clean curtain can be in various colors. You do not have to choose the plain white color if you want to make it eye popping. The suppliers also offer the customers with various prints on the clear shower curtain. You can choose the stripes, polka dots or gingham pattern.

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The pictures or images on the shower curtain are amazing too. If the bathroom is for a girl, you can pick the princess themed clear curtain. It can feature the pictures of Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Hello Kitty, or even Rapunzel. The boy’s bathroom can be decorated with a clear curtain in batman, superman, iron-man, basketball, football, dinosaur, minion, or even duck pattern.

Whether you have to choose the curtain in plain or printed design, you need to look at the bathroom design. If you have not introduced a pattern inside the bathroom, you can install the clear shower curtain in prints or patterns. Your child will be happy with the cleanliness of his body. You will be happy about it. Trust me.

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