Chic and Modern Homes in Chicago

Talking about a house, of course, people want to have a comfortable house. The house should be comfortable in all kinds of weather, so it still can be warm during the winter, and it can also be fresh during summer. In this case, there are many references and ideas of the comfortable house design. Among those great and comfortable houses, chic and modern homes in Chicago by Gabriel Fontes de Faria can be one of them. This house provides a good example of a townhouse with an attractive design with modern touches. There are many things that make this house can be so comfortable.

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Good Things of Modern Homes in Chicago by Gabriel Fontes de Faria

One of the good points about the Chic and Modern Townhouse in Chicago by Gabriel Fontes de Faria is about the natural elements used for this house. Although this house brings the modern concept or design, it does not mean that the house will not use the natural elements. In fact, in many spots in this townhouse, people can find natural elements.

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Wood becomes one of the dominant natural element in this house. Its stairs, kitchen cabinets and hardware, and other house furniture is dominated by the wooden material. Wool can also be found on several chairs. Many other things show that this house provides natural touches.

Then, the other interesting thing about this chic and modern homes in Chicago by Gabriel Fontes de Faria is about the wood-burning fireplace. The designer of this house chooses to have the classical chimney with the woods as the sources of fire and heat. The woods are placed on both sides of the fireplace and they are not only the wood supply, but they can also be a great part of the house decoration.

Furthermore, the fireplace will be a source of heat during the chilling winter that may come every year. This spot will be an interesting and comfortable spot to have quality time with family. The other spots are also comfortable with simple and attractive design.

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