Finding the Best Garden in the Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen is a nice place for having an experiment in the cooking process. In order to make a comfortable kitchen, the decoration of the kitchen is required. Well, some of the kitchen styles can be chosen for decorating the kitchen. However, if you like to have a kitchen with a fresh atmosphere, you may decorate your kitchen with the gardener style. The garden in the kitchen can give a refreshing air and greenery atmosphere. It’s a great idea for decorating your kitchen.

Well, if you want to create the beautiful kitchens with the garden, you may need to consider several things such as the types of plants, the space for placing plants, and how to take care of the plants. Normally, the kitchen garden is made from the herb plants, small flower, or small tree. You can use the herb garden whenever you need it in your cook. Meanwhile, the small flower doesn’t require a large space and can improve the beauty of the kitchen. The small tree will give green scenery in the kitchen. In addition, you can utilize some secondhand place as the pot for the plants. You can decorate the pot and combine it with the plants to make a beautiful kitchen garden.

Finding the Best Garden in the Kitchen Ideas 1

The Best Garden in the Kitchen Ideas

As mentioned previously that there are many types of plants that can be chosen for making a garden in the kitchen. You may start it from the herbal plants. For example, you can choose the Dill. This herb plant is normally used for the flavoring of some foods such as potatoes and fish. In addition, Dill also has some medicinal effects for the digestion disease, bad breath, cramps, and swelling. It’s a good plant for the kitchen garden. You may also choose the Parsley as the plant for the kitchen garden. Parsley is used for flavoring some foods and as a garnish. In addition, parsley also has some medicinal benefits such as aid for the digestion diseases and as a source of Vitamin A and C.

If you want to plant the floral herb, you can choose Rosemary. This floral herb can be used for seasoning in some foods such as vegetables or meats. In addition, Rosemary provides fragrant scents and a beautiful look. If you want to grow Rosemary, you need to be careful since it needs dry soil. You can water the Rosemary but not in excessive amounts. If you want to make green scenery in your kitchen garden, you can plant the Fennel. This plant has full green leaves so that it can create such a green scenery in your kitchen garden. In addition, the Fennel has a strong aromatic scent. It will make a good scent to your kitchen garden.

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The Fennel also can be used for garnish and the compliment ingredient in Salad. If you want to plant Fennel, you need to make sure that you’re not overwater this plant since it can live best in the dry soil. If you want to plant a flower for your garden in the kitchen, you can plant the Chamomile. This flowering plant is also a herbal plant. It is normally used as the ingredient of the herbal tea in the United States of America and Europe. In addition, Chamomile also has some medicinal effects such as treating the inflammation, stomachache, and nerves.

The Chamomile will look so beautiful when the flower fully blossoms. With the combination of white and yellow color, the Chamomile surely will give a beautiful insight into your kitchen garden. You can also grow the Lavender flower to give a purple color in your kitchen garden. This flower can give a sweet flavor. It’s also used for reducing the mosquitos. Other article from this site.

Important Thing

Well, in the making of the garden in the kitchen, you may need to think about the pot for the plants. In some conditions, you may buy the pot from the shop and use it for your plant of the kitchen garden. However, if you want to create a unique pot and increase the beauty of the kitchen garden, you can use some of your apparatus and reused things. You can make it some DIY pot for your kitchen garden.

For example, if you have a lot of reused can in your stock, you can utilize it as the pot for the plant. In order to use can as the pot, you need to wash it by water and remove any ink from the can by using alcohol. Then, you can drill some holes on the bottom side of the cane. The small holes will be used as the drainage way. You can use can in several sizes and place it on the corner of the kitchen garden.

Well, you can also add the small stone inside the can as a part of the decoration. If you have a leftover basket that is still in good condition, you can use it as a container for your kitchen garden plants. The basket will improve the beauty of the kitchen. In addition, the big basket can be used for growing some plants. It is also easy to place a basket container inside the kitchen garden.

The best idea for you

Another idea of the garden in the kitchen is to create the container by using self-watering the wine bottles for the plant. In this idea, you can use the jar bottles and fill them with the water. Then, you can connect with the cylindrical tube that is filled with the soil and plant. The plant will absorb the water inside the jar bottles. This container only consumes a little bit of space.

In addition, it looks creative and unique. You can also use the decorative bowl as the container. The bowl that is drawn with the pattern on its side can give a lot of beauty. In addition, it is also easier to manage the plant. However, if you have a plan to make a kitchen garden, make sure that the soil and watering plant will not make your kitchens dirty. You can make a garden in the corner of your kitchens. So, it will not disturb the cooking activity. Or else, you can create the cabinets for your plant.

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