Glorious Curtain Wooden Rods

Curtain wooden rods are elegant to install in the bathroom, living room, dining room or even kitchen. The windows will never look plain. Most curtain rods are created from metal. It features the oil brushed, nickel, chrome or even aluminum finish. This material is very strong and can hold heavy drapery. If your dining room, living room or bathroom is decorated in a country, farmhouse, logged or even rustic design, you have to avoid the metal made curtain rod. You have to choose the rod which can blend with other types of natural materials inside the room.

Glorious Curtain Wooden Rods 6

Curtain Wooden Pelmet

The wooden curtain rod is very rare to see on the market. But you can check it in online websites. Pick the high-quality one which can give great support on the drapery or shower curtain. If you choose the cheap one with low quality, the wood will show the signs of wear quickly.

Moreover, the operation of the curtain when you close and open it will be difficult to do. It can create discomfort. In many cases, the low-quality wooden curtain rod creates damages on the curtain when you pull it too hard. Therefore, you can pick the wooden rod made in high-quality wood.

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It can feature a bespoke rod. It can be made from mahogany, maple, oak or even ash woods. All of them are in high quality and sold at a higher price. However, they are durable and will never create damages on the curtain during the operating. You can pick the curtain wooden rods in ornate detail to make it suitable with the country effect. It can feature the carving pattern or plants, vines, animals or flowers. Don’t forget to think about the color of the wooden rod. You can have the wooden curtain rod in the distressed finish if it is installed in rustic bathroom design.

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