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Buying a piece of furniture for the house is sometimes fun but also a challenging task to do. Most furniture in the house will be used every day, therefore you want to make sure they are of good quality. But also have a great design to match your house design. Therefore, when you choose your furniture, make sure to buy them at high end furniture stores to get the best product.

Most furniture stores these days provide online and offline stores for their customer to shop. However, buying them directly is way more satisfying as you can try them yourself. On the other hand, buying them online does save you some time because you don’t need to go outside the house.

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To make sure you get the best quality furniture, then buy your furniture from the best high end furniture stores there are. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the material used for your purchase. If you’re not sure of what stores or brands to buy, here are some recommendations for you:


Whether you live in the states or other parts of the world, you can buy your furniture at IKEA. IKEA is a complete store that offers all the things you need for the house. Whether you want a piece of high-end furniture to simple assemble furniture, they have it all. To help you get the best products, you can ask for the staff’s recommendation.

2. Lulu & Georgia

One of the top high end furniture stores that offer the most affordable price is Lulu & Georgia. The store offers a wide selection of furniture from super chic design to unique accent tables. Other than adult furniture, they have complete sets for kids too. So, you can finish your shopping just in one store.

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3. Lexington

Those who like Victoria’s classic design can shop for their furniture at Lexington. This is one of the best high end furniture stores in the world with the best designs too. The store offers complete furniture for your home from full bedroom sets to kitchen sets. However, one of their specialty is bedroom sets where you can get a full set for around $2,000 – $3,000.

4. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is one of the next top high end furniture stores in Northern Virginia. Their designs are simple and most suitable for modern themes. Compared to other stores, they offer a mid-level price, so not too expensive but not very cheap. Their stores are available throughout the United States, making them easy to contact.

5. Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture has been in the market for over than 100 years. But their furniture is always updated and fashionable for all themes. Recently, they have been investing and partnering with New York Fashion Mogul for an exclusive line. So, prepare to get a unique and long-lasting furniture design for your house.

6. Juliettes Interior

When it comes to luxurious furniture, you can always count on Juliettes Interior. They are one of the best high-end stores in the UK but can ship world-wide for those who want to shop. Not only luxury furniture, but they also provide designer lightings to make your house shine like a diamond. For those who need consultation can also use their service, as they provide professional interior designers

7. One Kings Lane

One King Lane is one of the high end furniture stores that have a specialty in vintage & antique furniture. So, if you are in the mood to design your house in vintage design then their products are the best. Almost all their products consist of many categories and types, therefore you have many options. If you happen to like a piece of furniture but not like the color or fabric, then you can propose to customize it as you like.

8. Jayson Home

You can still make your house fancy with simple or vintage furniture from Jayson Home. They may not have their products, but they choose the best furniture and décor from many brands. The products are even handpicked by the creative – merchandising director, to ensure you get the best. For those who are in other countries can get their products by shopping online.

9. Liberty Furniture

This brand and store is a new one in the furniture market. However, from the beginning, they have shown a strong presence. One of their benefits is they offer high-end furniture with mid-range pricing, as you can also request customized furniture. Just imagine you can get a full high-end bed set for only $8,000 here.

10. Ligne Roset

For those looking for high end furniture stores in Maryland can take a peek at Linge Rose. Most of their products are from modern high-end brands from around the world. They only choose unique, simple, and modern furniture to sell in their store. So, their products will surely be great to decorate your house.

11. Boca do Lobo

An item of exclusive and unique furniture is surely found in the Boca Do Lobo brand. All their products are made just different, classy, and high class. They are known as one of the most expensive yet best furniture brands and stores in the world. However, you pay for what you get because their products are all very amazing. It is sure when you buy one of their products, it will be one in a million.

12. Fendi Casa

The next high-end furniture store you must check out is Fendi Casa. This store and brand offer luxury design & fashionable furniture for all their customers. Their designs are simple yet elegant and can suit any kind of theme in your room. Even though the price of their products is expensive, they last quite long.

So, those are some of the top high end furniture stores around the world. These high-end brands and stores may not be cheap, but you will get what you pay for. All the shops above use the best quality for all their furniture. They also have great customer service to help after the purchase. So, they make sure their customer is totally satisfied with what they get.

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