What the Plant Needs and How Decorating A Flower Pot In a Fun Way

Having a garden is good for your health. It is not only about getting fresh air but also it is able to reduce stress. However, not all people have a wide backyard or spaces. Thus, using pots is the right alternative to choose from. Make this planting activity more fun by decorating a flower pot. Once it is finished, you can put the pots in the kitchen, near the bedroom window, or even on your working desk.

If you think that planting requires very special skills, then that is not fully right. Because the main thing you should have is a sense of responsibility. Planting encourages yourself to be disciplined in watering, taking care of the seeds, and doing other treatments. We know that it is challenging if planting is not your hobby. So, decorating a flower pot hopefully could help you to keep this good move motivation.

What the Plant Needs to Grow

In this article, you will know how to decorate a flower pot as the media. But, actually, there are other things you must concern too. They are factors that make the plant grows very well. If you ignore them, never wish you will see the fresh green leaf or colorful flower. See below what really means to the plant:

Water and Nutrients. It is the same as a human, a plant also needs water and nutrients as the food. But the plant needs water more than us. They will die without it because almost 90% of their needs is water, even the dessert cactus needs water too. While nutrients are the basis for growth and maintenance. Hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon are three essential nutrients that came from water.

Light and Temperature. When the plant already watered, it needs sunlight to process the food. Sunlight results in energy for the plant through the photosynthesis process. At the same time, temperature plays a role too. If the plant is placed in a too hot area, it may burn. Also, the plant will freeze in a too cold a place.

Air and Soil. The other things that help your plant to grow well are air and soil. Fresh and clean air supports the plant to take good carbon dioxide So, the plant is able to do photosynthesis well. While healthy soil lets the roots support the root to grow.

Space. Space is also important to support plant growth. The root and leaves need space to grow. As one of the main factors, thus, we love to discuss decorating a flower pot here. You should change the pot based on the size that fits in the plant.

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How Decorating A Flower Pot Pretty Face

Fun Ideas to Make Your Flower Pot Looks Great

Some pots need more touch to look great. That is why we share with you how decorating a flower pot here. Get some inspirations below to make your planting project more fun:

1. Paint the Plain Pot

The easiest way to do this creativity is by painting a blank pot. There are many pots with a basic color. You can choose one of them, but it will be flexible if you have white. As the background, you can do anything with white. Whether an abstract painting, a patterned picture, or other inspirations, you can start with a plain pot. You don’t have to draw the same picture for all pots. Some people create it like series.

2. Gradient Colors

It is nice to see a rainbow near your planting. So, why don’t you bring it closer through the pots? You should choose at least three colors for each pot, then arrange it starts from the light to darker or one hue to another. Due to a wide variety of color combinations, you can search on the internet for the best reference in which color should be met with each other. The more pots you have, the more beautiful mess you will make. For a simple move, you are better using spray to make the gradient effect.

3. Simple Quotes

Sometimes just by seeing what’s in front of us, we can feel a spirit like a phone with fast charging. So, boost your day by looking at some positive quotes on the pot. Paint the pot with a simple quote or one supportive word. Don’t forget to choose a bright color to strengthen energy. It will be nicer when the flower is growing. Because there is nothing beautiful then flowers bloom among the colorful surrounding.

4. Geometry or Black-White

Playing with patterns is fun when you are decorating a flower pot. If you have no idea or you are not good enough at drawing, then a simple geometry pattern could be your inspiration. Also, making this one is not hard and no need many colors. It is good only using two colors: black and white. Moreover, the combination of geometry patterns and black-white will make the pots look cute.

5. Face Line Handpainted

Face line painting is easy, fast, and saves your money and time. If you are a beginner in painting, we think you can start with this. You can explore your feeling through the line. It is okay not to make a symmetrical one just free your mind to play with lines, shapes, feelings, shading, and colors, although line art is usually plain or monochromatic.

How Decorating A Flower Pot Superheros

6. Superheroes

Are you a fan of Marvel characters? Or, maybe got another favorite superhero? Let’s change the pots into mini superheroes on your desk. It is fun to see your plants have a guardian. Be patient until the paint is fully dry, then fill in with your plant. You can make it on both kinds of pots, the clay one or plastic. If you want to use ceramic, you should think twice to repaint the pot.

7. Buttons Pot

Don’t worry if you can’t draw or doing things in the painting. Do decorating a flower pot by sticking buttons. It seems like a kindergarten task, but, trust us that this idea is absolutely fun. Collect various buttons in any size, color, and design. Sort them based on your want and spread the buttons on the pot surface. The buttons make the pots look attractive anywhere you place.

Decorating a flower pot should be your personal project if you really love plating. But for those who just start trying this thing, you have to make it really fun. Because everything fills with happiness could result in a good thing ever last. We hope that all ideas above can boost your spirit to make more plants around. Cheers!

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