How to Care For Poinsettias After Christmas

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How To Care For Poinsettias

Poinsettia is a great way to decorate your home for the Christmas season. This plantation represents classic Christmas decorations. Unlike what most people believe, Poinsettias aren’t that difficult to take care of. There are several steps on how to care for poinsettias. Additionally, this plant can bloom even after Christmas is over.

The red poinsettia is pretty common and widely available around the areas. Special poinsettias breeders expanded 150 poinsettias variants with many colors over the decades. These variants have pink, whites, orange, and other colorful colors that attract customer’s eyes.

How To Care For Poinsettias

From all poinsettias, red is the most traditional and the best selling poinsettias from all variants. The next in the lineup is white and cream poinsettias, following their steps are bicolored cultivars. Poinsettia makes it into the most popular houseplants list, because of its vibrant and wonderful natural beauty.

How To Care For Poinsettias?

What Makes Poinsettias Popular

Their star-shaped leaf is known as a Christmas star in many other languages. Most people mistook his leaves as flowers, when in fact it’s leaves. People grow to love poinsettias each year and use poinsettia for interiors and homes. Poinsettias are usually popular around winter because they bloom mid-winter. Ther natural beauty is very long-lasting and blooms beautifully in a long winter.

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Commonly poinsettias’ beauty can persist from Thanksgiving to the end of Christmas. Therefore making poinsettias popular for Christmas ornaments and decorations. The colored bracts variants are what makes poinsettias popular houseplants for your hose to keep. Now let’s move to how to care for poinsettia you have in your home.

Tips for Nurturing your Poinsettias

There are several steps on how to care for poinsettias. The tips varied from temperatures, watering, and other things that may seem trivial but important to take a look at. Read the easy tips below.

  1. Buying Your Poinsettia

First of all, it is to buy the poinsettia you want to look after. Here are the things you need to pay attention to when you buy poinsettia so that you won’t get tricked buying a low-quality plant.

  • Many shops display their proud poinsettia in the storefront door, to attract customers to stop by in their shop. However, by doing so they shortened the plant lifespan. If the plants are exposed to temperatures below 12 degrees, you can be sure that the plants won’t last long. Because the temperatures damaged them. It may seem trivial, but you will soon find out when you brought that poinsettia home. The poinsettia leaves will drop faster than usual, showing the vulnerable lifespan.
  • If your poinsettia is healthy, the plant will surely have intact bracts. If the yellow buds that are placed between the leaves are still intact tight, then don’t worry. It means your plant is completely healthy.
  • Inspect your soil humidity since it’s an important factor for your poinsettia. A dry soil won’t cut it for your poinsettia, in fact, it’s a bad move on how to care for poinsettias. The soil should be either humid or dripping wet. If the soil is dry, then the shop might not give TLC properly for the plant. Without it, it won’t last long in your care.
  • Poinsettia is weak to wind. If you already found yourself a nice poinsettia for your home sweet home, don’t forget to wrap it with paper on your way home.

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  1. Watering Tips

The next step after buying your poinsettia is watering. A proper watering tip will help your favorite poinsettia last longer in your care. Here is watering tips on how to care for poinsettias.

  • First thing first, don’t overwater Poinsettias. This plant root bale should be in between, not too dry and not too wet. Overwatering causes waterlogging that will shorten your poinsettia plants and leaves you with a dead plant.
  • Inspect the plant leaves daily. Yellowed leaves or fallen leaves show an indication that you’re not watering it right. Similarly to orchids, lots of people don’t understand that poinsettias only need little water. Just drop a few water drops, once in every two days. Another option is to dip the whole root bale in water once a week, it should be enough. However, you should know that each pot’s size requires a different watering routine. Small pots tend to need frequent watering than the big pots. Some experts also recommended Poinsettias to be kept at room temperature.
  1. The Right Temperature 

Temperature is another important factor you need to consider for taking care of your Poinsettia. There is a specific temperature that Poinsettias acclimated to. Let’s take a look at which temperature fits your favorite poinsettia.

  • Poinsettias can’t stand drafty places, this includes draughts like fireplaces, open windows, and open doors. Wind and poinsettias don’t blend well. You can place it near radiators, just keep it away from drafty environments.
  • Keep it somewhere indoors and place it in a place with visible sunlight. You can keep it in the living room or windowsill (as long as it’s not opened). The proper temperature for poinsettias is from 15 degrees to 20 degrees.

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Can Poinsettias Survive After Christmas?

Why not? There are proper ways to make your poinsettias lifespan longer even after the Christmas season is over, it’s not that hard to follow. If you want to keep your poinsettia alive, pay attention to the instruction on how to care for poinsettias after Christmas is over.

  • First, to keep poinsettias lifespan longer, you need to trim your poinsettia in April around 10 cm.
  • Second, place it in a 13-degree room.
  • Third, put the plant in the pot in May and place it in a place visible with sunlight over the long summer. Don’t forget to keep the room temperature around 15 to 18 degrees.
  • Fourth, in November you have to keep the plant in a visible place to sunlight for 12 hours straight and then place it in complete darkness for 12 hours as well. It will help Poinsettia to bloom in the upcoming winter.

A Creative Idea for Your Poinsettia

Another available option for your poinsettia is to make a floral arrangement from it. You can cut the colorful leaves and make a beautiful arrangement. Additionally, you can also arrange it in a vase with other flowers to decorate your house.

What do you think about the tips and tricks on how to care for poinsettias? Poinsettias are popular houseplants choices in winter, you should consider purchasing one for your home sweet home.

How to Care For Poinsettias After Christmas Pictures

How To Care For PoinsettiasHow To Care For Poinsettias After ChristmasHow To Care For Poinsettias (with Images)How To Care For PoinsettiaHow To Care For Poinsettia (with Images)
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