How to Make Curtain Rings With Clips Black

Decorate the window using curtain rings with clips black. Making the house perfect to view from any angle requires a lot of effort. You have to pay attention to detail by seeing the floor, wall, window, and furniture and color decoration. You can ask help from the professional decorator if you are confused to refresh the new look in the living room or even dining room. If you are interested to bring fresh feeling on the bay window, why don’t you make your own curtain rings with clips? Be a creative person by picking the unused items to create the ring for the curtain.

How to Make Curtain Rings With Clips Black 2

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The DIY curtain rings project is always a favorite for those who have a lot of creative ideas to decorate the windows without spending a lot of money. You can use the old office supplies. The paper clip chain is perfect. Avoid using the rubber band as the curtain rings with clips because they are not effective. If you have a lot of collection of old bracelets that you do not use anymore, why don’t you turn it into a curtain ring? Cut the bracelet first. Be careful when you do it since it can hurt your hand. Then you can place the old bracelet into the loop in the curtain.

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Then you can close this bracelet with sewing shut or a pin. It can add a million touch on your new curtain. If you want a colorful look, you can use the jelly bracelets for the curtain rings with clips. Use the hot glue when you want to reseal them.

The curtain ring should present a metal touch. It will look sparkling if you use the old necklace at home to create the ring. If you want to make the guests in awe when seeing the curtain rings with clips black, you can use the pearl or beaded necklaces.

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