Ideas for Vaulted Ceiling to Bring You More Sensation

In modern home construction or remodeling works, a vaulted ceiling becomes a controversial discussion. It will make the room looks charming, but, for some others think this choice is a waste of energy and space. However, before we go further talk about this ceiling style, you should understand first what it actually is.

A vaulted ceiling happens when you extend up the side walls toward a center, so there will be an extra volume over your head. This makes your ceiling higher just like in the churches. That is why the vaulted style also mentioned as a “cathedral ceiling“. Even though the cathedral ceiling is symmetrical with the same angel, while the vaulted one could be domed or arched depends on the architectural condition.

Pros and Cons for the Vaulted Model at Home

If you are planning to make a vaulted ceiling, you have to think about whether it is the right decision or not. Because there are some considerations before you take the steps. See the pros and cons here to ensure your mind.

The Pros:

  • It gives an advantage for the home with wasted roof space, so you will feel a dramatic large room.
  • For those who have a small house, it actually helps you to make the atmosphere wider than actually is.
  • It creates natural lighting, moreover, when you combine with a wide-open window.
  • With a vaulted ceiling, you can make a century past character. The effect is instantly felt by the people.
  • Flexible to combine with other interior design, such as traditional, modern, luxury, or minimalist, depends on the decor below.

The Cons:

  • Making a vaulted ceiling requires you more cost. Of course, you have to spare more budget to raise this one. You need more money for the paint, labor cost, slower working hours, and many others.
  • Besides the cost, it also needs more energy, especially when the weather is winter. Think about the heat to make the home warm.
  • As we told you the vaulted style can be combined with many ideas, so you should consider the maintenance. If you install a fan or exposed beams, have you had the solution to clean and repair it?
  • When you buy a house that already built, it is difficult to create. You can’t just make the vaulted ceiling as easy as you think.
  • Remember, the look might be outdated. So, once you want to change the look or redecorate your house, it is not that easy to redesign the ceiling.
Vaulted Ceiling Skylighting Combination

Vaulted Ceiling Inspirations for Home

There are three common types of ceiling models. First, barrel-vaulted where the arch extends across the room. Actually, it is the simplest and most popular one.  Second, groin-vaulted is constructed from two corners then creates a right angle. And, the last is dome vaulted that makes the center becomes a “crown”. To make those kinds clear, see the vaulted ceilings ideas below:

1.   Skylighting Combination

This what we called a flexible combination. You can create a vaulted model and a skylight at the same time. Make holes at the center and install windows to let the sunlight in. Then, install ceiling lights to help you at night.

2. Creative Bricks Ceiling

It is nice to have a natural feel inside the house. You can make a vaulted one by using bricks. If you are wondering how a barrel-vaulted looks like, then this is it. But this one is a sample for multiple waves. While you are having a tighter area, you can only have one shape. As our advice, this model fits for the living room.

3. Clear White

This one is an illustration of making a small room looks wider. As you see that the homeowner chooses a white color, so it feels clearer once you step in there. Since the floor is installed by wood, then it is better to follow by the ceiling too. If you have another taste, it is okay not to make the ceiling symmetric.

4. Shabby Look

Who says that white and brown are the only colors for the ceiling? If you want to have a different look, then just create a certain theme, such as a shabby look. Recently, this theme becomes popular among modern homes. Pick the same color for the ceiling and don’t be worry because shabby colors are soft and light, so this idea is still suitable for a small room.

5. Farmhouse Inspiration

Not many people are brave to apply the farmhouse model inside the house. Some others need more time before deciding whether it is right or not. Actually, you can combine modern and this traditional idea. So, you don’t have to be afraid of going out of trend. Combine the wood with a hanging lamp or LED installation. Also, another color might help too.

6. One-Sided Look

You probably often see the vaulted ceiling at the center or for the whole ceiling. But looking at this picture, you will know that this model can also apply like “a half ceiling”. It is very unique and suitable when you have a small room, for example, a bedroom. Even though the feeling is not as wide as usual, at least you can play a trick with the limited area.

7. Modern and Classic

Have we mentioned that the vaulted model is able to turn the room feels luxury? Yes, it does! If you look at this picture, you will find that the room seems so modern and classic at the same time. It results in a feeling of luxury. Moreover, the homeowner is really smart to combine the hanging lamp, mirror, furniture, and room design.

8. Stunning Corridor

Many people make their corridor ceiling higher. Actually, this is one of the tricks to make the narrow hallway seems wide. For a brighter look, you can put some LED lights at the side. Also, bright wall painting is better than the warm one. But it is okay when you want to combine the bright color with the dark one, just like in the picture.

Making a vaulted ceiling is actually interesting. You can combine many ideas, colors, and also room concept. However, as we told you about the con’s things, those should be your considerations. One thing for sure, this style adds more value to your home.

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