Tips and Inspiration of Decorating Foyer House

Foyer house or entryway is a place in the house that you always pass but sometimes you ignore. Too bad that people used to ignore decorating this spot because it is just a pass-through space. The entryway is more like a welcome gate to you. It greets you and your guest.

So, since it always greets you, it would be better if you pay more attention to it. Turns out that a house foyer should be a spot to lift your mood the moment you open the door. It is important to give it more attention to make it not just as a pass-through anymore.

Things to Do in Decorating Foyer House

Foyer house is not a big space but it will be dazzling if you treat it well and properly. Sometimes it is the only place in your house that guests will see. But, before you jump to decorate it, it would be better to know what you should do.

Check Point Spot Foyer Design

1. Choosing A Color

Foyer in house used for welcoming you and your guest. So, you should choose an inviting color which is different from the adjacent rooms. The reason is to distinguish your foyer and to make it stand out.

2. Choosing A Lighting

Your foyer needs lighting. Furthermore, you have to choose the adjustable brightness of lighting because it doesn’t have to be over light. Since some foyer is narrow, so be careful when you choose to hang a chandelier. Always choose the size that fits with the foyer.

3. Hang A Mirror

Since the foyer is narrow, you need to hang a mirror to make it more spacious. Moreover, the mirror will reflect the opposite room or wall and also attractive features. Your foyer will never be bored again.

4. Hang an Artwork

Usually, the foyer is a long alley with a wall on each side. So, to make it less empty you should hang artwork or photographs. Besides, it will transform your foyer into a small walk-in gallery.

5. Put a Plants

The foyer can be a cold place in the house because no one sees it or spend time there. So, you must put something alive there and the best choice is a plant. Don’t miss this thing because it will dazzle your foyer.

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Decorations Ideas of Foyer House

As mentioned before that foyer house is the very spot that welcomes you. So, maybe it is not too much to ask that you have to decorate your foyer. Moreover, you can welcome your guest to the foyer as well. Below is the recommendation of foyer decoration you can try:

1. Small Foyer House in Farmhouse Design

It doesn’t matter if your foyer is small. You are still able to decorate it in chic and simple farmhouse design. Moreover, you can do it in a DIY project which is more fun. Simply add a DIY bench so that you and your guest can sit there for a while before moving to the living room.

2. Rustic Foyer House Design

It is obvious now that foyer shouldn’t be ignored because. Turns out it is a perfect spot to put a bench and some cushion so you can sit on it and read a book. Also, it’s a perfect space to have a short chat with your guest. To make it homier, you can decorate it in a rustic theme.

3. Cozy Cottage Foyer

You can transform your small foyer into a dazzling spot in a cottage style. Moreover, your foyer can also become a small mudroom where you can put a cap stock on it. So, you can just hang your coat or hat right away the moment you enter the house. Slip your shoes under the bench so you can be easy to find it.

4. Simple and Chic Console on the Foyer

A console is a perfect object to be placed in the foyer. You can put picture frames and flowers on it to brighten the spot. Under the tabletop, you can slip a rattan basket to store your clutter, scarf, or even your coat. Don’t forget to hang a mirror on the top of the console.

5. Foyer House Storage

Just because a foyer is a pass-through space doesn’t mean it’s useless. Turns out, it is the best spot to build dazzling storage space in the house. Moreover, you can do it in a DIY project by turning a bookshelf into a bench with storage. Choose a bright color to sizzle it.

6. Classy Waiting Room

Sometimes, you have a guest that doesn’t need to go inside. For example, your new neighbor, mailman, or your office staff that need your signature at home. But, since you have to appreciate your guest, you need to give them a proper place to wait. So, simply put two classic chairs and transform your foyer into the waiting area.

7. Check Point Spot Foyer

If normally the function of the foyer is to welcome you, then you can transform it to a checkpoint area before you leave the house. By putting a table with drawers and hang a mirror you can check your appearance there. It is also okay to store your make-up like powder or lipstick in the drawer.

8. Spread A Rug in The Foyer

If you happened to have a long and spacious foyer, then it’s perfect to brighten it with a rug. Since foyer sometimes empty and cold, a colorful rug may cheer it up. Don’t be afraid if you want to explore more by putting a Windsor chair right after the door.

9. Entryway Gallery

Transform your entryway or foyer into a gallery by hanging your pictures on the wall. To make it more comfortable for you and your guest, simply put a wooden bench under the picture. You can also store some of your often-used shoes or slippers under the bench.

Well, now you know that you’re not supposed to ignore your foyer house. By decorate and transform it into a tidy and beautiful spot, you just praise yourself, your home, and your guest.

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