Large Modern Home Plans in Bedfordview

Designer Nico van der Meulen of M Square Lifestyle Design came up with an idea about making large modern home plans in Bedfordview when their client asked them to create a living space that is quite big and capable of accommodating all of their family members. The team then worked together on a plan and what resulted of the effort is a great, modern house located in the Kloof Road, Bedfordview, South Africa. What seems to be the winning point about this particular house is the fact that each and every room in it is connected to the outdoor through doors.

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Large Modern Home Plans in Bedfordview Uses Steel as One of Its Main Materials

Outside of this modern home design in Bedfordview is a landscaped garden. By connecting all the rooms to the garden, the house promotes indoor living as high as the outdoor one. The designer and architect made use of forms of morphed steels that go around the house to outline the structure that is held together by an architectural of parasitic style.

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The house’s boundary wall is off-shutter and is designed in bold style; when seen from the outside of the vicinity of the house, it is clear that the house is unique and one of a kind, especially even more so with its black steels.

This large modern home plans in Bedfordview features four garages; all four are fitted with sliding doors of black steel. Guests would be stunned upon setting feet at the entrance. There are lighting fixtures adorning the wall at this entrance area. Set diagonally, this strip of lighting produces a pattern that helps visitors find the main door.

The use of concrete, glass, and steel is prominent in this house’s architectural elements. Entrance section seems to get apparent attention with an angled roof overhanging front door, which is fitted with glass and window. All in all, the house is an excellent attempt at providing comfort for the client’s big family.

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