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What will be the latest garden trends for 2019? That must be the one question that lingers on every garden enthusiast out there the moment the New Year kicks in. You might be one of those who are constantly looking for the answer to that question. The problem is, however, that trends in gardening are not the same as trends in the fashion industry. It is rather difficult to pinpoint what will be the hot commodity in the world of gardening that’s worth noting. But let’s try to find some.

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Curious as to What Will Be the Latest Garden Trends for 2019?

First, the year 2019 should see a rise in the prevalence of big blooms. Flowers that are blowsy, soft, and large in size will step into the light and become popular.

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What will be the hottest garden trends for 2019? The second trend should come from the popularity of little cabins that are useful for a small gathering with families or friends.

Third, gardens will see more trees growing as it ties to the concept of green living.

Fourth is the no-dig method, which is a method of planting seeds without digging the soil.

Fifth, 2019 will observe growth in local businesses that focus on providing gardening supplies.

The sixth entry to 2019 gardening trends list would be a rise in home-grown vegetables.

What will be the latest garden trends for 2019? The seventh kind of gardening trend includes more and more people growing houseplants. The significant rise is attributed to the belief that houseplants clear up the indoor air.

Vertical gardens are the eighth type of trend that you would see blooming in the year 2019. They are space-efficient and are effective in improving the quality of urban air. The ninth entry on the list sees micro-living and urban gardening which makes for a better way to use space in urban living.

The last possible trend to see a rise in 2019 is beekeeping. A compact bee house is a good choice for a wedding gift.

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