Modern Home Interior in Seville, Spain

A-cero Design a modern home interior in Seville, Spain for anyone who feels like to have a residential whose shape reflects a design that is full of force, solid appearance, and yet still bears modern identity in it. A-cero realizes this concept in its construction of the house in question that emphasizes on the material being used. The house is built using travertine marble to give the house a high durability level. Esthetical values manifest in the marble’s bright color that is in contrasts with the house’s glass windows that are black. Both elements work very well in lending the house its minimalistic tone that also looks lush and rich at the same time.

A-cero Design a Modern Home Interior in Seville, Spain

A-cero Design a Modern Home Interior in Seville, Spain that Looks Durable

A-cero Design a Modern Home in Seville, Spain that is meant for the single-family purpose. The house is designed with an orthogonal theme for its shape, which still goes along with criteria commonly found in an architectural studio.

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Architects Rafael Llamazares and Joaquin Torres were involved in this project and they employ some corbel structures that are lining a swimming pool and they, too, designed the furniture to arrange within the house. This three-level house is 800 square meters wide and occupies a land of 1,900 square meters wide. The basement floor houses laundry room, storage room, and a garage.

The ground floor is divided into two sections. The first section is more public; it houses a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a hall. The other is more private, it houses a home cinema room, a master bedroom, two bathrooms, and two closets.

A-cero Design a modern home interior in Seville, Spain whose top floor houses a terrace for the owner to enjoy the surrounding. The top floor also houses two more bedrooms that have their own living room. All the rooms in this house are white-lacquered and use the same travertine marbles.

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