Modern House Design in Orgères, France

2A Design Creates a Modern House Design in Orgères, France and it was completed in 2015, following a three-month construction. Designed by Josue Gillet, the house is dubbed The Flying Box, probably because of the effect of lightness it gives off. And what is more surprising is that the house uses shipping containers as its primary material. The 2A team worked constructing the containers to turn them into a prefabricated house that bears three levels and looks compact. It is absolutely a nice way to reuse already existing materials in construction so the costs of building a house could be minimized.

2A Design Creates a Modern House Design in Orgères, France 3

B3 Ecodesign and 2A Design Creates a Modern House Design

2A Design Creates a Modern House in Orgères, France that is unique in its look and edgy in design. The house bears a façade that is asymmetric and certainly feels contemporary as well. A terrace can be found on the rooftop for the owner to enjoy the surrounding picturesque environment.

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The house’s shape and design are a result of the fact that the site where the house was projected to be built is sloping and the 2A’s client ordering the house had limited budget. 2A Design partnered up with B3 Ecodesign.

The local company transformed shipping containers into a house by insulating, wiring, and adding other components important to the construction. The resulting modular homes were then relocated to the project site.

2A Design Creates a modern house design in Orgères, France that has three levels. The first floor has an extra parking space, laundry, sewing studio, and a lobby.

A staircase leads to the second floor, which features living areas: a lounge designed in open-plan, a dining room, and a kitchen—the latter two are separated by a kitchen island. There are two bedrooms on the second floor, which use natural light for its lighting. The third floor features a rooftop terrace and a master bedroom. Enjoy!

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