Neutral Bay House by Downie North Architects

Wood always has its own power to make the house more comfortable. Wooden material and wooden textures will be a great part of house decoration. The house can be so natural and of course, so comfortable. The typical colors of woods and its pattern can make the house has attractive designs. In this case, it may not be hard to find great houses with the touches of wooden material and wooden texture. Neutral Bay House by Downie North Architects can be one of those houses. This house may not be the best house in the world and luxury stuff may not fill each part of this house, but this house has its own way to make people feel comfortable.

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Natural Touches Offered by Neutral Bay House

It is not excessive to say that Neutral Bay House by Downie North Architects is a comfortable house. This house is designed for a family who loves to keep in touches with nature. This house is made close to nature and it can be seen that many trees are growing in the garden.

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Big trees and their leaves can be seen easily from the windows. The windows are made from glass, and some windows are made big to give better and clearer views of nature. Of course, this house is also dominated by wooden furniture and wooden accents.

Many spots of this house is dominated by the wooden material. it’s flooring also provides the special touches of wood. The typical brown color of woods can be found in this house and it makes the house much more natural.

About the design, this house does not have a complicated design. Even, Neutral Bay House by Downie North Architects seems to bring a comfortable and simple design. Things are put in good orders and these are done in order to give spacious spots all over the house.

Then, the house is designed in order to optimize the sunlight during the daylight, so the house will not depend on the electrical lightings. During the summer, it will not be so hot staying inside the house, and it will not be too cold although the winter is coming.

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