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Sunday, November 1st, 2020 - Kitchen
The Trendy Mosaic Backsplash Kitchen

Feeling cloudy because of the plain kitchen designs? Take a look at the new idea for kitchen design in the latest trend. People commonly used the kitchen more than other rooms, for cooking delicious meals. That’s why renewing your kitchen designs might be a good idea because it can affect your cooking mood tremendously.

Brand new kitchen design can help lighten your mood in your darkest day. Upgrading your cooking space also benefits the whole house residents with newer and fresh cooking environments.

The Multipurpose Peninsula Kitchen Design

The new idea for kitchen designs you can use to refresh your house interior is in the list below. Check it out, who knows that it might be suitable for your taste.

1. Reflective Hall of Mirrors Kitchen

This kitchen design features stainless cabinets and lots of reflective surfaces in the kitchen. It is better if the surfaces are laser printed, to create movement sense. It also can reflect natural light, so you might want to leave some windows open to make the interior more wonderful.

Additionally, you can add more lamps to play with the lights since it’s customary indoor light instead of natural lights. It’s easier to adjust artificial lighting than natural light. Stainless steel pros include sleek appearance and are resistant to water and abuse. Therefore, it’s positive equipment to use for the whole family.

The Executive Kitchen Design Ideas

However, stainless steel cons are the industrial looks and overused look that makes the kitchen look more commercial rather than family-friendly. But still, this can be the new idea for kitchen for your house.

2. The Classic Marble Kitchen Design

The marble countertop and kitchen table will bring a classy vibe in your kitchen. The sleek surface reflects VIP status and exclusivity. If the marble is well-maintained then it can raise the property values more. Moreover, marble brings a unique design straight from mother nature. Marble is an organic material and widely available around the globe.

However, the uniqueness comes with a price. The cons are that it’s hard to wipe stains from marble material. Another marble con is that it is vulnerable to scratches, cracks, and nicks. Even though marble is material from stone, it is one of the softer stones that are easily cracked.

3. The Trendy Backsplash Kitchen

This trendy kitchen setup is trendy and popular in 2020. The idea for kitchen tiles as a main focal point is one of the cheat sheets to create a fresh kitchen setup. A great unique pattern tile will make your kitchen interior more lively than ever. However, not all setups are great for kitchen backsplash design.

Your house must have an ample space to set your dramatic tiles, otherwise, it would look rather strange. Other than the ample space, some tiles may look plain if combined with your wall color. Be selective with what tiles you want to purchase.

4. The Multipurpose Peninsula Kitchen Design

This multipurpose peninsula kitchen will benefit you greatly. Whether your interior is petite or large, this design can offer more space. Additionally, this design is great for a small petite kitchen to look good. Moreover, if you have things you want to separate in the kitchen then the peninsula is the perfect choice for that. This idea for kitchen storage is good and efficient.

However, every design has its drawbacks including this. Peninsula kitchens tend to have narrow spaces, making it difficult to access your drawers and cabinets. Additionally, they are also prone to crowded spaces. Since peninsula kitchens boost efficiency, they try to fit every object into one cabinet or corner.

Therefore, making the kitchen has less space than what it should be. Peninsula kitchen design is good for petite interior, although one cannot say for the large one. Some designs end up good, some end up in inefficiency rather than good.

5. The Vanishing or Disappearing Kitchen

This kitchen design boasts its efficiency and practicality in one package. It’s a unique creative design made people’s eyes go wide. Basically, you can hide your kitchen from guests and awe them with the chamber of the kitchen later for a surprise. Vanishing kitchen colors are usually the same as the wall or the room theme colors to conceal them. This new idea for kitchen designs are not unique, but innovative as well for long term duration.

Despite the unique design, it comes with a cost. The vanishing or you could say disappearing kitchen has limited spaces to store your cooking utensils and other foods. In other words, you can’t store a lot of things inside their cabinets since they are hidden and their spaces are limited.

However, this design might be good for people who live with fewer people. Maybe a newlywed couple, but not for a large family.

6. The Pro Hanging Kitchen

This kitchen design might remind you about professional chef cooking spaces or restaurant look-alike kitchens. The hanging racks for pots make it’s easy for you to hang your cooking utensils without storing it in a cabinet. Additionally, it is visible to the eyes to see in case you’re a forgetful person.

The hanging racks have their own aesthetic and uniqueness. However, this makes your cooking utensils vulnerable to dust and dirt.

7. The Executive Kitchen Design Ideas

This dark and sleek kitchen design is beautiful and minimalist, boasting it’s elegance and luxurious aura. The idea for kitchen colors in this case jet black is to show its exclusivity and wealthiness. In psychological language, dark and sleek colors represent mystery, power, strength, and formality.

This dark and sleek theme is good for a minimalist house, it adds the modern and minimalist vibe. Although, this design may come off as repeatable since lots of people use this.

Here is the list of the best kitchen ideas designs. Which new idea for kitchen designs do you think suits you the best? Being fast is nice, but never forget to consider the color schemes as a part to remodel your old kitchen. First of all, try to think about your current needs and budget before considering renewing your cooking space.

The next step would be planning it more thoroughly, ask your friends and family opinions for more information. After that, you’re all set for remodeling your kitchen space.


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