Private Residence at Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture

Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture may be one of the great and interesting designs of the house. This house has an attractive and comfortable design. This can be a great house to have, of course. Looking at a glance, the house is so spacious. This house is made with many large space and corridors as the connectors to the room. Then, the thing that also makes the house seem spacious is about the domination of white and grey. The lightings are great to make the combination perfect.

Private Residence at Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture 6

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Design and concept of luminous ceiling oculi bring a great source of lighting for the house. Then, the walls are also made with many beds, so it is unique and attractive, but the comfortable rooms still can be enjoyed.

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In this case, two narrow and long corridors can be found in the Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture. This corridor may be narrow, but it does not give an uncomfortable feeling. Yet, this has its own attractive point. The first corridor holds the service areas and kitchen, and the other one leads to the communal bathroom and the bedrooms. For the bathroom, it is designed as a curved room.

On the wall, there is a detail of blue hexagonal tiles. These tiles bring good decoration although they may look simple. Then, in the bathroom, living room and also a dining room, each of them has a nice design of lighting to give the homogenous and soft source of white lighting. This creates comfortable rooms that have a monochrome concept.

Looking at the house thoroughly, surely this house offers flexibility and convenience. Things are made into curves and it can be seen from the walls. This design brings a nice and unique feeling for people staying inside the house.

Then, the house has fewer details and the colors are dominated by the monochrome colors. Somehow, it may look like a simple design, especially when it is combined with the soft white lighting. Surely, Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture becomes a great design of a house.

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