Red Shower Curtain for Bold Look

Not all homeowners dare to install red shower curtain in the bathroom. Many people say no for red in the bathroom because they believe that it can ruin the relaxing and serene feeling. You can apply red as the bold statement without ruining the tranquility. You just have to make the room look simple and fine. The red color on the curtain can present the energy of life. It will never create an irritating effect if you match it with neutral or solid colors. You can have the wall in white, soft blue, or beige. The floor can be in black or brown tile.

Red Shower Curtain for Bold Look

Red Shower Curtain Set

Then you can install the fixtures, accessories, and knick-knack in the bathroom in white. After that, you can install red shower curtains. When you step your feet inside this area, your eyes will be directed to the bold red curtain hanging on the shower area. It will never create an irritating look since the energy is reduced by the presence of white.

The red shower curtains is perfect for passionate people. It can reflect the true personality. You don’t have to choose the plain red curtain for it looks to boring. It can carry overpowering look if you have plain red.

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If you want to make it look simple, the red shower curtain can feature images or patterns. For example, you can hang the striped patterned shower curtain in white, pink and red. If you want to make the curtain infuse with a pattern, decide the theme of the bathroom. If you have modern bathroom design, it can feature a bold floral pattern in red and the base curtain is in white. The red curtain is also nice to see inside the kid’s bathroom. You can shop the red shower curtains in iron man, spider-man, Doraemon, Snow White, or even Princess themed style.

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