Small Basement Bar Ideas as the Rocking Spot at Home

Sometimes having a minibar is the answer to make your home looks stunning. Maybe you think you cannot afford to make it because of the limited space. Surprisingly, it is actually able to be built in a small area, such as in the basement. You can have cocktail time with your friends or an intimate moment with beloved ones. If you are inspired to make this corner, find some small basement bar ideas here.

Besides a bit of space, you might also need the right tools. Because the great equipment will stand the bar very great and long last. So, be selective when you are choosing the table, chair, wall cabinet, tray, until the lamp. Just because you build a small bar, it doesn’t mean you don’t use high-quality materials. You can get the references for it from the small basement bar ideas below.

What to Prepare in Making a Mini Bar at Home?

It is a personal task when you want to build a bar. Because the corner should reflect your personality and taste. Not many people successfully pour out what’s inside their minds to be a reality. That is why we share with you some small basement bar ideas. But before we go further, you better know what to be ready for the bar:

  • Tray. Since you are planning to make the small bar, you just need a simple tray. Choose a proper one based on your table size. This is useful when you welcome a guest. So, you can serve them properly just like in a real bar.
  • Built-in Cabinet. We are sure you already know what it is for. Yes, the cabinet will be your best wine or other drinks place. No need a huge one, thus, you have to select only the best drink displayed and served. Also, you can put the glass there too.
  • Small Cart. Actually, it is optional. It is okay if you don’t prepare, but the cart helps if you need to move to another side to serve the drinks. You probably set a sitting area near the bar. So, it is a little hand to keep your moment convenient.
  • A Narrow Corner. It is absolutely yes that you must prepare the place. There is no exact number or standard size for the small bar in the basement. It depends on your want, but if you want to take our advice, then provide a quite narrow angel. A corner eases you to arrange things for the station.
Small Basement Bar Ideas Floating Corner With Cabinet

Small Basement Bar Ideas That Make Your Place Gorgeous

You are lucky if already got an idea of how to make the bar looks. But don’t be a worry for those who are still stuck finding the idea. See the small basement bar ideas below. Don’t push yourself to make exactly the same as the picture. Remember, the bar has to be a representative of yourself.

1. Wooden Iron Shelf Bar

We start from the simplest one. If you really want to have a bar but don’t see any possibility corner, then just make a wooden iron shelf station. This idea doesn’t require much space and budget. Also, the other bright side is you will have an industrial appeal for the basement. This decoration actually has been used by many bars as their concept.

2. Floating Corner with Cabinet

A bar doesn’t always have to be yellow or brown and dim. If you love a bright look, then use all-white for the bar. You can combine with several wooden pallets to create another atmosphere. It is worth for your experiment.

3. Wooden Bar Corner

Do you want to combine many ideas? Then, you should follow this homeowner. The owner is smart to put wood, white, and golden ambiance at the same place. So, the result is a traditional white look for the bar. We think that this idea is suitable for those who really concern about tidying. Because all things are placed properly in each storage and spot.

4. Staircase Bar

There is nothing as the best solution than using under the staircase for your small bar. This is one of the small basement bar ideas we love. The owner knows how to take advantage of the spare area. With a good combination of material, color, and positioning, people won’t ever realize that you have this awesome spot.

5. Country Style Basement Bar

Not many people think about a country style for their bar. So, this is suitable if you have a high taste of decoration. All furniture made from wood with special models, such as the sink shaped, the cabinet model, until the additional installation. This design might need a more costly than the simple one, but if you really dream to have it, then just make it.

6. Crates Inspiration

There are many DIY small basement bar ideas. Here is one of the samples you can follow. It is very easy, low budget, and simple. If you are the minimalist person, this one is worth trying. Find the wooden crates and hang on the wall as your storage. After that, use beams for the bar table and chairs. It would be more perfect if you install the yellow light spot to strengthen the atmosphere.

7. Rustic Style Bar

You might see this one is similar to the country style. Indeed, the rustic style is quite the same as that one at a glance. But, actually, the rustic is more traditional and homey. You can see from the table design, storage, until lamps. Natural elements more exist here compared to the country style. It is a very strong and more outdoor feel even though you make it in the basement.

8. Mini Modern Bar

It is time to show of your wine collection! Follow this idea and make it yours to let your friends know what you keep for this long. This idea is also perfect to build a simple modern corner in your basement. For the more personalized touch, you can add a small pot, artwork, or other things. The last thing, whether you want to use a white LED or yellow one, it is up to you what kind of ambiance you want to build.

Hopefully, all of the small basement bar ideas above could give you inspiration. If you are living with your spouse, it is better to talk and design together. Because the station should reflect both of you. But you will be free if you are still single. Don’t forget to celebrate when it gets done, cheers, and laugh as long as you want!

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