Zen Garden : Small Japanese Style Garden

The world has many garden designs, but the most common and popular among the population may be the Japanese garden design. The Japanese garden’s design was not only a perfect harmony but also an eye-appealing appeal. Anyone who looks at it or is in it will certainly feel at home. Zen garden as the original Japanese shrine garden small Japanese style garden is turning into a trap. The term zen garden originated from the park in the Zen Buddhist temple of Kyoto, and the park in it was a traditional Japanese landmark of the park. In mandarin, zen means “the state of meditation”.

The Japanese concept of a park is widely applied in offices, in hotels, and even in public places. The cool, beautiful appearance that zen garden had created a large number of places for people to apply to their homes. With components of water, your own rocks and grass could make your own modern Japanese garden in your minimalist home.

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Green Garden from Japanese Style Garden

How to Organize Small Japanese Style Garden

You could build a wooden bridge that connects the gate to the entrance of your home. With water running beneath it plus green vegetation makes a natural impression from the front. Or you can make the center of the building was left empty and open for diverse small Japanese style garden. Even the trees are allowed to grow to give the whole home some fresh air. Instead of pebbles, replace them with green grass and a shower will enhance the beauty of your garden.

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If you like the feel of true nature, try to play with the materials you use for building a park. Instead of a rock, you could put a fence with bamboo ingredients to give a strong natural impression like a zen garden. Besides your outdoor garden, the concept of the zen garden can also be applied indoors. The empty space in the corner of the house with natural light lighting from a skylight can take advantage of to make a zen garden.

The composition of the zen garden building elements, which are pebbles and stones, to combine with other natural elements such as the wooden floor and give rise to more exotic plant life. Zen garden indoors doesn’t always have to be on the corner of the house. You could also use the void section in the middle to make mini garden zen, elements of sand, rock, bamboo, and shrub are strung together on the zen garden.

To make a small Japanese style garden, the zen garden can be more dynamic when the constituent elements give rise to a deeper and more diverse color. As a zen garden, it looks more alive with a combination of rocks and pebbles that have different colors and textures. The green tint of grass also balances the composition of the dry element.

With it, the calm natural impression of the zen garden was much more alive. It doesn’t have to provide a huge area to make a zen garden. Zen garden can be stationed anywhere, outside or inside the house. Wait no more, just try to apply the zen garden concept at your house.

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