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Light in architecture design concept is really needed when an architect is going to make a plan and design of a building. You have to make a smart house lighting system. The concern of this concept is on the lighting system such as natural light, electric light, or a mix of both two in order to serve and provide the needs of human beings in life. There are processes relate to light design concept such as an appropriate lighting provided that should be used in human activities, the sum of light needed, the color of the light which will give such effects in particular objects, the distribution of the light where the lighting takes place whether it is indoor or outdoor, and the last is the effect on the user about the light system.

The Concept for Smart House Lighting System

Human response is one of the important aspects of the success of lighting, so it is important to be appreciated. Commonly, the designer of light in architecture design concept is the specialist and expert in its field, who understand much about the production and distribution of the light, light perception in physiology and psychology used by a human being, the anatomy of human eyes, and also the rods and cones response to the light.

Thus, there are three important elements of illumination of building in architectural lighting design. Firstly, the illumination of retail environments, aesthetic attraction, is one of the particular aspects. The next is the ergonomic aspect where the total of lighting plays is measured. The last is the energy sufficiency issue where over-illumination is not wasting on the lights.

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All people know that the modern house lighting design is needed into the sum of provided functional light or the energy that is consumed. However, the smart house lighting system supplies the aesthetic effect. Those are main buildings that should be considered as the main building that should be served by the sum of light such as the surgical center and sports facilities. In short, the light in architecture design concept is the main thing that should be considered for any building since there are activities done by human beings.

What we will discuss again is the following.

Let’s Know the Electrical Lighting Type

There are various kinds of lighting types. Let’s know the electrical lighting type for adding knowledge related to lighting. The information is also useful for those who want to install a particular lighting type for the building. The first type is known widely as incandescent light. This type of lighting is classic. Using heated filament wire, it produces bright yellow or orange light. But you also have to understand the concept of a smart house lighting system, because this is important.

Not only is it useful for making the room bright, but it is also commonly used for breeding chicken from egg because of its warmth. It is discouraged to use this electrical lighting because it is not efficient. It is told in many kinds of literature that only 5% of the energy used to light up this lighting while 95% is released as heat.

The next lighting type is known as fluorescent light. It is basically a lamp containing mercury vapor. When it is charged with electricity, it reacts and shows ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, a human cannot see such light, and that is why additional coating within the tube is used. The coating is known as a phosphor.

It accepts energy from UV which is then translated into visible light. It is the process of electric florescent works. Let’s know the electrical lighting type that is quite phenomenal today. Before moving further, it is important to know that fluorescent light contains mercury which is not good for health. Staying away from the damaged lamp is advised.

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The next lighting type is known as an LED. Light-emitting diodes are considered a very cool invention. It is due to the fact that its ability can be utilized in various technologies. It is comparable to bulb except it does not have a filament. Therefore, it does not heat up and is more efficient. It lights up because of the movement of the electrons within the lamp. This information provided here is very general. Good things you need to know to build a smart house lighting system. Let’s know the electrical lighting type in other forms for more information.

Modern House Lighting Neon

A smart house lighting system comes in two different purposes. The first purpose is to provide bright lighting while the other is just for additional decoration. There are also several lamps which is used as lighting such as bulb, fluorescent, neon, and LED. However, this article is specifically designed to talk about neon lamps.

Knowing the neon lamps for the home lighting is quite essential because it can be helpful in presenting a particular appearance for the home. Neon is quite famous before LED takes over its presence. Regardless of that fact, until today, neon is still used as various lightings including for home improvement. Neon is really magical lighting as it comes in various colors. It is possible to create various impression just by installing neon.

The neon lamp comes in various amazing colors such as red, blue, green, purple, and yellow. Each color provides a different impression of the house. It is important to know the feeling based on cultural conditions or experience of color exposure. Take one example of red neon. This neon is amazing to show the passion and spirit of the homeowners. However, it is important to note that this color should be combined with other colors. It is suggested so because any color of neon is creepy against a dark background. That is the first step in knowing neon lamps for the smart house lighting system.

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The next thing to consider when talking about the neon lamp is its placement. Neon requires special placement that is similar to a panel made of wood or metal. The reason is to create a drawing book for creating a particular object using neon. If that is not possible, it is okay to put some neon lights surrounding the house without panels. However, it may look weird. In addition, it also costs more especially when hiring people. Those are all several things about knowing neon lamps for home lighting.

A Very Short Expression in Neon House Lighting System

Neon smart house lighting system for the kitchen will be a good and interesting way since the kitchen is not only a place to cook but also to be a place to gather with family and having their meals. The more interesting the decoration is, the happier people will be. Neon lighting is commonly used in a bar, a casino, a theater, a shop, and another shop where there are a lot of people there. But, you can apply your own neon lighting in your home, to give more interesting space, to decorate a wonderful place and to beautify the front home face.

When someone decides to make a decoration for the kitchen, he has to plan and decorate the model of the kitchen, whether they are decorated in a modern style or vintage one. Both styles are able to be applied to the neon light since the kitchen is not dominated much on lighten and brightened colors.

Neon smart house lighting system for the kitchen may be the accessories of your wonderful kitchen so that members of the family will feel comfortable to stay longer in the kitchen. It is clearly seen that neon light can be the sign of something which deliver some meaning in very few letters. Neon lights increase the vivid color and view of the wall in the house such as the game room, family room, basements, garage, kitchen, bathroom, backyard garden, and the likes.

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Thus, traditional neon lights are a combination of both art and science. The light is made of glass tubes of hand blow which are shaped into varied forms and filled from different gas depend on the color. That gas is glowing when it is charged by volts of electricity which is supplied by electrodes in every discharge tube ends. In short, the neon lighting system for the kitchen is needed into the decoration of your kitchen aiming in beautifying kitchen decoration to make people who stay in feel comfortable.

And than…

Neon smart house lighting system makes the home more attractive if you have the right choice in dealing with the used of it in your house. Generally, neon light usually used in a bar or shop decoration so that it will glow them. But in this case, you can use the neon light to be used in your house to add some cheerful and glowing look.

You can make a very short message using the neon light and usually, the short message here contains only in very few words. Thus, all neon lights are requiring a transformer aiming to make them work, so then ensure your choice in choosing the right size of the total letter you are required.

Usually, neon house lighting makes the home more attractive if you choose the right materials and size to be applied in your house. The materials of neon light usually consist of glass and neon gas. You can apply for the neon sign in an easy way by making a neon sign in any form or word you are desired, what would you say then? It is really interesting.

You can put the neon light in any place you would like to such as in front of the house or inside the house. Thus, the light is coming with a bit of required assembly but then luckily it snaps on the letters together and hang them on your walls.

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Neon house lighting makes the home more attractive if you design them in a very unique and contrast way. In fact, combining the materials to be used in neon light is needed in a good arrangement. If you want to use the neon light on your walls, it is better for you to make the dark background so that the neon gas will glow more.

Would you want to put some neon light on the wall of your house?

Outdoor House Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor wall lighting to beautify home design usually made by an expert in their field namely architect. The architect who has a lot of knowledge about architecture will help people making planning, budgeting, designing, and decorating all things that are needed in building the smart house lighting system and varied buildings.

The architect will help people from the beginning of building such as measuring the land, drafting the image of building to be, choosing the workers and buying materials, checking for workers’ work in the field, finishing the building, giving ideas for the owner about decoration that will be applied in the house, varied models and types of accessories, and so on. So, asking help from the architect is very useful and important in designing such buildings.

There are kinds of outdoor wall lighting to beautify the home design and you can ask opinions and suggestions from your architect to give an explanation about what is the best decoration to be used and applied for your outdoor wall lights. He may suggest you some opinions so that you can choose your own choice based on your preference and suggestion from your architect. The popular styles of outdoor wall lighting are modern style, traditional style, energy efficient, bronze finish, black finish, and LED.

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We will suggest a kind of outdoor wall lighting, it is namely light aged iron outdoor wall lantern. This wall light is in the shape of the lantern made of iron and finished in a square housing that remembering antique metalwork. The glass is textured and framed by wire strips so it looks like a window. Commonly, outdoor installation is made from cast aluminum construction, diffused effects are created from clear textures glass when illuminate, it made of old iron finish, and of course, it is water resistant. Thus, choosing outdoor wall lighting to beautify home design will affect much of the decoration of your smart house lighting system.

Other things about Outdoor house lighting fixtures…

Outdoor smart house lighting system to beautify a house with varied colors will glow in the dark and make some good looking atmosphere and wonderful impression of a house. Those led are really interesting to be applied in the house, moreover if they are put in the front house, an outdoor place. The choosing of colors will be great if there are contrast colors both led used and the background of the LED lighting. The contrast color will create vivid colors in your outside of the house so there will be a good view in the night when the led lighting is glowing.

Some people design the gates to make a limitation between their place and outside place. Besides to be a limitation of their house, the gates are used to keep their house safe from harms that are coming from outside of the house such as thief, wild dog, and others. Besides the design of outdoor led lighting to beautify a house, it keeps the house and what inside it from any harm comes from outside of the gate. The gate that is made of types of cement, natural stones, or woods will be great to be applied with led colors.

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Here we will explore deeply about the gate made of natural stone. The gate made of natural stone has a strong shape and vintage look. The solid material makes the gate look full and has a plain impression and nothing is good on natural stone. So adding some accessories might be good very helpful in designing the gate to become beautiful and has a very rustic look.

Then, giving some accessories such as outdoor led lighting may be very wonderful. You can decorate your outdoor gate made of natural stones with few letters which express a lot of meaning. So, it is really clear enough that there are benefits of outdoor led lighting to beautify a house. Don’t forget the concept smart house lighting system.

Tips for Planning an Interior Smart Lighting System

Planning a home interior lighting is a must step that architects should past. Planning a home interior design here means that you should have some information about the interior smart house lighting system itself and also the interior of your home then you mix both of them and the result will give you advice on which kind of home interior design should you use.

There are important elements that you should consider in designing interior lighting such as lamps, fixtures, bulbs, and the like will illuminate your idea. Thus, there are two rules in choosing the kind of lighting that is needed for such a room. The first is that the creating of a flattering ambiance will need to mix the light sources at different levels, and the activities inside the room might always need into the smart house lighting system.

There are tips for planning a home interior lighting spots inside your house and those are the living room, the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. In the living room, you should light the three from four corners and focus those light into one object, those three are an art, a plant, and a striking chair. It is good to use the combination table lamps and floor lamps and one of which uses a downward glow while other uses shine upward. If you have such an overhead fixture, you can put them on a dimmer.

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The second tip is the dining room. Make a table become the brightest thing inside the room. Using a chandelier or a pendant on the table will limit the total wattage and indirect lighting is best used aiming in relaxing. The third is the kitchen, where the lights are focused on the overhead lighting and to illuminate work surfaces use only lower sources.

The next is the bedroom, where the best light is put beside the bed. Angle the track fixtures away from the bed towards the dressing area. And the last is the bathroom where the makeup is the best choice to be applied in sidelights such as pair mirror. The overhead lights will help to fill in any shadow on the face and will illuminate the room. Those are tips on planning a home interior lighting, will this information useful for you.

Other discussions…

Living room hanging lighting radiating beauty and elegance in your house might be an awesome look in your living room. The living room is a kind of room in a house where a member of people can join and get to stay and make conversation together so that one to others can increase their relationship closer and stronger than before. If the living room is comfortable, the other members of the family will get to stay longer in a living room and this might be a good chance for a family to share one opinion with others.

Some people prefer applying the living room hanging lighting radiating beauty and elegance in their house with different decorations, models, and accessories. There are kinds of hanging lighting models to be used for your living room decoration. The importance of choosing the lighting is not about how beautiful the light is, but it is more to the quality of the light, whether they are good to be applied for your house or not.

Before applying the hanging light, it is good for you to see for the budget first and imagine the kind of hanging light that will be used for your living room. The classic hanging lighting will be good for whose houses are having such rustic and village looks. All that requires a smart house lighting system.

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When you tend to apply for living room hanging lighting radiating beauty and elegance, you need to plan the decoration of your house first, so that you could be able to choose which types of hanging lighting that can be adapted for your place. If you buy a new apartment in the middle city, usually you find only small and no furniture inside it.

So then, you could do some decoration in your own apartment. At this time, you have totally free to decorate your own living room. It is good to use the small and minimalist hanging lighting design with rustic color. Note it, when you have a small and narrow room, you have to choose the minimalist hanging lighting design and make a concept of a smart house lighting system.

And at the end of this article we will discuss your preparations for selecting and perfecting Christmas in 2020.

Christmas tree is a must-have decoration for home when Christmas comes. As decoration objects, it is important to make sure the tree is well-decorated. Many ways are designed purposively for accommodating this decoration. Always remember that everything is based on concepts smart house lighting system. One way to achieve that is simply by adding LED Christmas tree lights environmental friendly. Let’s break down those elements for noticing every single detail of this special decoration.

First of all, the Christmas tree definitely needs lighting. The lighting used for this tree is supposed to be accent lighting, lighting purposed for decoration only. It is typically small, dimmer, and colorful. One lighting that can do that is perfectly known as neon. However, there is another efficient lighting that can be used.

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LED is not a brand new item that is used for lighting. However, the identity of its promotion is increasing in the last 5 years. The main reason is related to the current conditions in the world in which earth needs repairing. LED is believed to reduce fuel consumption for generating electricity because it does not take too much energy to light up an LED.

In addition, LED also has a considerably longer lifetime. It is implicitly stated that waste is greatly reduced. The recycling process that requires fuel is also lowered significantly, and it makes the environment friendlier. LED Christmas tree lights environmental friendly is absolutely beneficial, and it is better to use it for next Christmas.

The following Christmas should be meaningful. The LED light can make it happen because it helps to save the environment. Apart from that, LED also comes in various colors. It is very useful to make Christmas more colorful and entertaining. After selecting LED as lighting, it is time to organize them into an excellent design. The design can be found easily online and is better to be different from the last year’s Christmas. LED Christmas tree lights environmental friendly is a great solution for achieving that.

Then, what will you say? So good luck!

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