Standard Kitchen Dimensions For Your Home

There are standard kitchen dimensions you need to know before designing a kitchen that not only works but also efficient. First, you need to determine the widths for both appliance and unit. Standard kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and ovens use 60 x 60 cm dimension so you can use this as a basis. Second, determine the height of worktop. Averagely speaking, the worktop is 90 cm high. If that is not sufficient for you, you can order custom worktop that fits your height.

Standard Kitchen Dimensions For Your Home

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions For Your Home

Appropriate height also applies to the kitchen island and that’s where we’re going for our third kitchen dimension. An island should be equal in height to the worktop but you can skew it up or down according to your height.

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The fourth dimension of the standard kitchen dimensions you need to know is worktop and island depth. Depth for the worktop should be 60 cm while it’s 90 cm for the kitchen island.

Fifth, you should spare at least 40 cm of blank space between the overhead cabinets and the surface of the worktop. Sixth, the depth of overhead cabinets should be at least 30 cm to prevent the head from banging on the doors.

The distance separating base units from the island is the seventh of essential kitchen dimensions you need to know. This is especially important when the island is also fitted with the plumbing system and electrical installation. Set the two different functions as far as 120 cm from one another.

The distance between table and base units is the eighth dimension to consider and it should be about 100 cm apart. The drawers’ heights should be the ninth concern to take into account. In this case, it depends on what purpose you have with the drawers. A 6 cm deep drawer is enough to support storing cutlery. The last dimension to think about is for other nooks and crannies. This particular concern, though, can only be measured by trial and error.

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