The Reason Why Studio Apartment is Good Choice and How to Make It Looks Stunning

There are many options for you for a living place. But if you are still single or newly married couple, a studio apartment is a great one. By reading this article, you will know why this option is loved by many people. Also, there will be several inspirations about how to make the room looks awesome. Instead of you get bored inside, your mini apartment seems like a heaven. Family and friends who see you will feel comfortable there.

However, there is a misconception out there between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment. Indeed, both of them are quite the same at glance but the main difference is in room separation. The one-bedroom apartment separates the bedroom area with the living room and kitchen. On the other hand, an apartment with a studio type is an independent space that has everything inside without divider, except the bathroom.

The Concept of Studio Apartment

You are probably still a little bit confused about what is a studio apartment. This type allows the owner to have a life in only one room, except for taking a bath. All activities, like dining, sleeping, watching TV, and welcoming guests, are in the same room. But don’t be worry, even though it feels crowd, the room is enough to be set for several mini areas. Thus, in further discussion, we will show you how to arrange the room well.

A studio apartment is a medium size single room without any barrier or walls. We can say that it is a one-room arrangement like a hotel room. You will have one main room and a single bathroom. That is why at the opening we said if you are a single person or just married, this apartment is suitable for living.

You are lucky when finding a studio apartment with L-shape and a high ceiling. It creates a feeling of spaciousness and you don’t have to add room divider. Because, usually, this apartment with L-shape already set the living room or kitchen in a separate area. Without having to widen more space, you have a living place like a normal house.

Studio Apartments Gorgeous Blue Photos

The Advantages of Living in a Studio Apartment

After knowing about whats a studio apartment, you might think about the benefit of it. We have some reasons here why people choose it then the one-bed apartment of the bigger ones. Below are the things that become their decision:

  • No need much furniture

Yes, of course, what will you put in the limited area? Contrarily, you should be very selective when buying something for your apartment. If it is not very essential, then just forget it. Do a controlling cluttering to keep a small place comfortable. Another plus point is you can save your budget too.

  • Easy to clean

Not many people love to clean their place. Or, at least, they are trying hacks to tidy the room. So, if you are not really a discipline enough person, then just live in a studio apartment. You only need minimal cleaning kit, also no need very often to sweep and mop, and clean the dust.

  • Everything is one room

Sometimes it is annoying to get up when you need to get something. Moreover, it is placed in a different, so you must stand to take it. When you are living in this apartment, everything is easy to reach because of all in the same room. You don’t have to walk the entire room to grab or find something you’ve missed.

  • A good investment

Even though it still has pros and cons, a studio apartment gives you benefits if you are the owner. Moreover, when it is located near universities, work hubs, and other crowded places, the rent cost might be high. So, if you are interested in having an investment in this apartment, make sure you pick the right location.

Studio Apartments Bohemian Style Images

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

We have discussed many things about whats studio apartments. Now, it is time for you to get decor inspirations. It is challenging but also exciting at the same time. One important thing to remember is always choosing things you love. You don’t have to be a minimalist follower but see the truth that you don’t have a wide space to keep many kinds of stuff.

1. Multifunction Room Divider

Since your apartment won’t have a room divider, so you have to be a bit creative to set each area. For example, you can use a bookshelf to separate the bedroom area and the living room. Cover the view with books so people won’t see your bed condition directly. But, however, you should make your bed every day even though there is no guest there.

2. Gorgeous Blue

You can’t deny that white makes everything small looks bigger or wider. But it doesn’t mean another color is not worth to try. See this studio apartment which is fully blue. The ambiance is really bright and calming at the same time. Just combine the color with the same feeling and if you want to put a pattern is also okay.

3. Fashionable Black and White

We really recommend this idea for those who are fashionistas. This look is simple, elegant, and very full of taste. Even you only see black and white, but actually that is the key, “the simplest is more values”. You can hang on the fashion photograph, choose things without a pattern, but be smart in picking unique things.

4. Stand Out Working Desk

It is nice to have a working desk inside your room. Moreover, you are a remote worker, so you don’t have to get an official dress every day. Just sit and be productive! If that is all about yourself, then you should see this idea. The owner is smart to set his working area. With no need to expand the room, he has a standout desk.

5. Planting Inside

Just because you are living in a small place, it doesn’t mean you cannot do the planting. Make a special corner for pots, for example in your mini dining room or anywhere near the window. You just need to make sure that the plants get enough sunlight. Also, don’t let it litters your room once it gets watered.

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6. Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is suitable for anyone with unique taste. It combines a variety of materials, hippie patterns, and neutral-warm colors and patterns at one time. So, if are a free person, you can do creation with them all. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns even though it is not common. Because the more unique, the greater it would be.

Having a studio apartment is a good move when you want to have life in simplicity. This place is not only for those who have a limited budget. You will be surprised when you find someone who actually affords buy a house but prefers to live there. Yes, many reasons why people choose this apartment. Whatever the reason is, this apartment is worth considering.

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