Tips How to Make The Perfect Gallery Wall

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with gallery walls since I was first introduced to here a few years ago now. Since then, I have accumulated more gallery wall pins than I would like to share. The perfect gallery wall can take your average living room and not only make it look like it should be on the cover of a magazine but enables you to incorporate sentimental photos or prints into a chic living space.

Tips How to Make The Perfect Gallery Wall 5

How to Create The Perfect Gallery Wall

I’ve since scoured the internet and discovered the following suggestions on how to achieve the perfect gallery wall:

1) Where to hang your gallery wall and what to hang on it

Is there a feature wall or hallway that you think would be the perfect blank canvas for a gallery wall? Once you have the wall chosen, you can then proceed with finding the appropriate amount of photos, prints, and other wall items that you want to proudly display.

The best part about a gallery wall is that it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can frame your favorite pictures, find affordable prints, use scraps of wallpaper or fabrics you love but have no use for, etc! Your pictures and prints can be in varied sizes and while it may be easier to frame and mat everything the same, don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes!

The key is balance and this can be achieved in mapping your gallery space, which is discussed further in step 2. I’ve always loved the idea of hanging different types of wall hangings like white antlers or a gold ampersand. That’s the best part about a gallery wall – it can be as personalized as you want it and still look stunning!

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2) Plan your gallery wall

If you want to avoid unsightly holes in your wall, it’s best your plan out your gallery wall before committing with a hammer and nail. Create paper cutouts of all the items you intend on hanging on your wall and then decide in what order you would like to hang them and how far apart.

You can tape these templates to your wall and move them around as needed. Sometimes it best to leave these paper templates up for a few days so you can move them around and get accustomed to what they may look like, once hung.

3) Start hanging!

Once your paper cutout collage looks perfect, you can start installing the hangers over the cutouts and replace the cutout with the actual frame. And don’t worry, mistakes do happen so it never hurts to keep a level, patching, and paint nearby in case of emergency!

Check out some of the wall gallery examples that we have found on here. We hope you enjoy them, and feel free to comment if you have any other perfect gallery wall examples that you would like to share with everyone!

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