Top Unique Candle Holders For Dining Table

There are many ways that you can do to make your house beautiful and different from any other house. You can maybe choose the unique color palette for the walls paint or use eccentric furniture. But if you don’t want to get very complex with decorating, you might want to choose to make some unique candle holders for dining table your home. As the name suggests, this is the thing that you can use to put some candles in and beautify the rooms in your house.

Top Unique Candle Holders For Dining Table 5

How to Easily Make Some Unique Candle Holders For Dining Table

Candles actually can be a very good focal point of decoration in a room. With the correct candle holders, you can create a very elegant ambiance lighting in the house. If you can also use an aromatic candle, the rooms in the house will also be free from bad smells and very comfortable for your whole family. Here are some unique candle holders ideas that you might want to make on your own.

  1. Wooden Stump Candle Holder

If you don’t like the idea of spending your money for something as simple and candle holder, you can actually make your own with a stump of a wood. You will only need a piece of wooden log that should be long and big enough to dig a hole in it. Usually, the holes will be made on the side of the stump, so you will need to divide the logs in the middle to make some unique candleholders.

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Then, using some power tools, you can dig medium-sized holes on the side of the log that should be big enough for the candles. Use a recycled can on the side of the holes to prevent the candles from burning the wood.

  1. Crocheted Glass Candle Holder

If you can do some crocheting pattern, it will also be a very nice idea to make a candle holder with crochet. For this, you might need to use a tall glass inside the crochet as the place for the candles and to prevent the candles from burning the threads.

The best thing about this particular idea to make some unique candle holders is that you can actually make the patterns that you really like. This will indeed make your candle holders be a lot more different than others that people have.

  1. Printed Cement Candle Holder

If you are not a very handy person or rustic wooden candle holders doesn’t suit you, you can also try to use cement for your candle holders. This will need a mold for this one where you will put the cement in. Make sure that the side of the mold has already patterns on it to make the printed cement more beautiful. You can also paint the candle holder to make it more personalized.

The last thing you also need to know when you want to make some unique candle holders is that you should pick the one that is suitable for your house decoration. The first one that we listed above will be very nice for a rustic theme house. Meanwhile, the second one will go with chic decoration and the last one can be used for modern theme houses.

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