UIUC Art And Design (School of Art + Design)

Are you a person who loves art? Do you want to study art as a major? Do not be confused anymore about where to go and how to study art. UIUC art and design is the right place for you to pursue your dream. Be the best artist you want to be by joining the UIUC school of art and design. They provide a wide range of art courses that you need to learn to enrich your knowledge about art.

They also have great facilities where you could all your artwork such as studios, computer labs, classrooms, and offices. The school has both undergraduate and graduate programs.

UIUC Art And Design, The Best Place for Future Artists 2

UIUC Art And Design, The Best Place for Future Artists

Undergraduate programs or BFA programs include Art And Design Minor, Art Education, Art History, Crafts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, New Media, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture.

Graduate programs that they offer include Art Education (MA, Med, Ph.D.), Art History (MA, Minor, Ph.D.), Crafts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Painting, Sculpture, New Media, Photography. Graduates from UIUC Art and Design are prepared to succeed in careers, academics, jobs in creative industries, teaching profession and studio work.

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UIUC Art and Design has received several awards. Its industrial design program has been ranked as one of the top 10 college programs in the country two years in a row which are in US News and World Report 2012 and Design Intelligence in 2013.

Admissions of this school have four categories which are freshman, transfer, intercollege transfer, and graduate. Each category has different requirements for applications and different deadlines.

This school will help you to excel and innovate in practicing, studying and teaching arts. What else are you waiting for? Fill out the application and send to the admission office soon.

If you have any question regarding the school, programs, and funding, do not be reluctant to contact the school via email or phone. UIUC school of art and designs is the best place for you, the best artist for the world.

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