Unique Modern Home Decor in Zurich

Sometimes, a house that is built with an architectural design that is conventional is not enough for you to properly display your distinct and unique taste. At times, it takes a house that looks unconventionally edgy for you to be able to get that much-needed distinction. Who would not be proud to see that his or her house becomes the talk of the neighborhood? Evolution Design Creates a unique modern home decor in Zurich and it is all that you can expect from a uniquely looking house. Hopefully, this will provide you with some idea about your own home plan by the end of the day.

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Evolution Design Creates a Unique Modern Home Decor in Zurich

Evolution design creates a unique modern home in Zurich but first, let’s find out what the house is called. The house Evolution Design creates is called Flexhouse. The name really reflects the nature and the impression one should get from looking at it: flexible. This attribute comes from the house’s façade that flows like a wave; it is kind of forming the house’s skeleton.

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The façade is white in color, lending the environment a bright and light effect. The house is fitted with glasses for its walls. This, in turn, gives the house a somewhat mobile effect and airiness. The glasses function also to allow more natural light to enter the rooms.

Evolution design creates a unique modern home decor in Zurich whose shape bears an uncanny resemblance to a vessel. It is futuristic in design, but its overall appearance screams a sailing vessel, thanks to the ribbon-like structure that runs through the house.

Think of a vessel that docks gracefully on a lakeshore; that is exactly what the house looks like without you knowing that it is actually, well, a house. This single-family modern house can be found by the Lake Zurich so when you get the chance, you can see it for yourself.

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