Best and Unique Wall Decoration Painting Ideas

If you have a plan to decorate your home, you may need to start by decorating the house’s wall. The style and color of the wall will define the type of furniture in the room. Therefore, you may need to be careful when you do wall decoration painting. In addition, if you feel bored with the old wall painting, you can easily change it with the new one. Well, there are several best ideas that can be used for decorating the wall by painting. You can choose from the simple by using one color or using the pattern. The simple changes in the pattern can give different decorations.

Wall Decoration Painting Ideas

As mentioned previously that there are many ideas of the wall decoration painting. For example, if you want to create a soothing pattern for your home, you can paint the wall with the grey color. Then, you can use the roller to create the pattern on the wall. Choose the simple pattern such as the framework of leaves. This will create a soothing and beautiful wall decoration. Another example is the combination of cream color as the background and pattern of the cardboard model.

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After the wall painting is finished, you can draw the pattern by using a cardboard model in several places. It’s easy to do but creates the unique designs of the wall decoration. You may also try to use the combination of the white wall with the black color of the plus sign. You can draw the plus sign by using black paint and use white color as the background. It looks simple but it will change the atmosphere of the room. if you don’t want to use the black paint to make plus sign since the paint may leak to the other side, you can use the sticker of the plus sign. It is easier to adjust the space for each sign.

Another idea of the wall decoration painting is the combination of pink color and the butterfly sticker. The pink color will give a romantic feeling. In addition, you can make a love shape by using the butterfly sticker. It will be suitable for the newlywed’s rooms. For the people who like the simple look, you can paint the wall by using metallic paint. This paint can work well with the monochrome rooms. If you like to have a warm and simple room, metallic paint is a great idea.

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Well, black and white colors not always give a dark and boring atmosphere. You can make it be more stylish by creating stripes from the black and white colors. It will be a good choice for the contemporary room especially the bedroom. If you have a white wall and want to make a creation on it, you can use the photograph. What you have to need to do is just creating some shapes such as love shape by using your photograph. This simple change can change the design of the room entirely. Or else, you can make the polka dot pattern for the decoration of the house’s wall.

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