What is Upholstery and Which One is Suitable for You

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Moving to a new house but still confused about choosing a sofa or chair? Well, maybe you need to know about what is upholstery in the first place. By knowing about upholstery, it will give you knowledge about which one is suitable for you.

So, what is upholstery? It is a material to build in sofas, chairs, and furniture. Meanwhile, choosing a fabric or material for your furniture is a kind of investment. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about upholstery and which one is suitable for you.

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History of Upholstery

Upholstery starts to emerge in the Middle Ages and gain its popularity in the 17-19th century. Upholstery developed over the years a variety of materials has been used. Back in the 18-19th century, upholstery makers used to have wool, horsehair, and hay as the materials.

Back in the 17th century, tent-making is the start of upholstery. The material that has mentioned before is less comfort. Meanwhile, until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, people don’t consider upholstery as a piece of comfort. It is the beginning era of modern furniture and cushion.

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Throughout the Victorian Era, there was an improvement in workmanship. Also, the furniture industry is flourished. In that era, only nobles possess a chair or furniture in an upholster way. It is because the price is extremely high and something at a high price is not for common people.

The industrial revolution in the 19th century marks the innovation of machine-woven fabrics, a printed cotton, chemical dyes, and also steel coil springs. Furthermore, this revolution and invention produce affordable higher-quality furniture.

Upholstery in modern living made of durable materials such as metal springs and foam. Although we cannot see the interior material, modern upholstery makers ensure it will be comfortable to sit on. Besides, makers can always change the fabric depends on the wear and tear level.

Today, people who desire the scents of the middle age era may order upholster chairs and furniture. Moreover, mid centuries modern and style is trending right now. So, upholstered furniture is a must-have in your house.

Choosing the Right Material for Upholster Furniture

After knowing about what is an upholster furniture and what is upholstery, it’s time to shop. But, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of materials. Design interior expert suggests you choose upholstered furniture by considering who do you live with.

Also, another consideration is who will use the fabric is also. Most importantly is your budget. In some cases, people who don’t know about what is upholstery in a modern living trapped in buying an expensive one. Whereas, today upholster furniture is affordable.

By defining who will use the upholstered furniture, you will be able to determine which fabric is suitable for you. For example, you don’t need silk velvet if you have pets in your house. Because it will be easily destroyed by your cat or dog.

If you live with kids and you want an upholstered piece in your living room, then the durable fabric is all you need. Meanwhile, the bedroom is the only place you can use any kind of textile. It is because it is a private area so it’s up to you when you choose material for your headboard or bedroom settee.

What is Upholstery Material?

To help you decide easily, below is some guidance of a material you can choose. Moreover, we also give you how to maintain the material.

1. Chenille

Chenille is made by the composition of polyester and has a plush pile. Sometimes it is also made of poly-blend yarns. This fabric is awesome because it is stern and resists wrinkling. Moreover, it is easy to take care of. All you need to do is vacuum it periodically to get rid of dust or debris.

Chenille has high durability. So it is suitable for everyday use furniture such as Berkeley Sofa, Kensington Sofa, or Matty Accent Chair. This material is ideal for stylish home decoration. Meanwhile, to avoid fabric from faded, remember to maintain the polish.

2. Performance Linen

Performance linen is made of 100% linen to provide durability. People who already know about what is upholstery and need something durable should choose performance linen as the material. But, it will need more effort to maintain the fabric.

If you want this material to last, then you need to clean it with foam cleaner regularly. You can also use a pure solvent and you must put this furniture in a ventilated room. This material is suitable for family living with kids and pets. So, don’t be afraid of buying some Wendover sofa or Cormac Settee.

3. Belgian Linen

Another fabric to choose after you know about what is upholstery is Belgian linen. This material is so comfortable and durable. Moreover, the texture of Belgian linen is weaved and very soft. It is also breathable and long-lasting. So, it will never break easily because it is much stronger than cotton.

But, you may need a professional to clean this material. Belgian linen may last for decades if you give it proper maintenance and care. Belgian linen used to make an Adler sofa or Miller Bobbin Accent Chair. We suggest you to put this in a lounge or office lobby.

4. Leather

Leather material can be made of grains weather it is a top-grain or full-grain leather. Meanwhile, this material offers you a beautiful look of nature. If you want a piece of leather in your house, then you must maintain it carefully.

Most importantly is do not place this material in direct sunlight spot to avoid it from fading. Also, you must clean it with a warm water mix with a mild soap. Additionally, cover it with leather cream to keep it from dust, wrinkle, or crack.

Now you know anything about what is upholstery and ready to shop for your new house. Remember to choose upholstered furniture based on your situation. Also, simply choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain. It doesn’t have to be expensive but chic and elegant. Happy hunting!

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