Recomendation of Which Color Matches with Orange for Your Decor Inspiration

Being locked up in the house for more than a month during coronavirus pandemic can cause a bad mood. So, to keep us in a good mood, why don’t we re-decorate our house by changing the color? Orange is the best color to lit up the mood. But, which color matches with orange?

We need a bold color like orange to boost our mood. We can do it by re-painting the house in orange or simply add orange decorations. Meanwhile, orange is besties with a particular color. Let’s check out below the recommendation of which color matches with orange.

Knowing The Color Palette for The Best Result

Before you drown in choosing which color matches with orange and get overwhelmed, you should know the color palette pattern. An understanding of the color palette will ease and give you the right choice of color. Orange itself is a combination of red and yellow.

Which Color Matches With Orange Living Room Pic

The basis of understanding the color palette or color wheel is by matching the color with two colors beside it. Another way is by choosing a lighter or darker color. For example, orange matches with yellow or red. Or if you want a lighter or darker combination such as peach, butterscotch, or tangerine orange.

On the wheel, orange also has the opposite color that can be combined such as blue and green. Also, if you want to be safe, match it with neutral colors such as white, brown, black, or beige. Moreover, you can team up with orange color families such as Sunkist, pumpkin, apricot, Dijon, and carrot.

The Other: 7 Combinations Colours That Match With Orange as Your Decoration Palette

Some people consider orange is tricky and choose to avoid it. Even an interior designer sometimes doesn’t recommend orange as the main color in the house. But, orange represents warmth, confidence, and vibrant. It is also an impressive color that will lift your mood.

Orange Besties

Since now you know how to play with the color wheel, it is also good to check out below the recommendation of which color matches with orange.

1. Yellow

Orange expresses sunny, warm, and cheerful and it will always match with yellow. If your wall is painted in orange, then you can have a pair of yellow frame hanging on the wall. Or, simply add a yellow cushion on the sofa.

2. Red

Since orange is also made of red, it will never go wrong with red. Red is a bold color but represent charm and spirit. So, it would be better if you choose light orange as a wall color such as apricot, melon orange, cantaloupe, and marigold.

3. Blue

Blue and orange is a long time best friend. Besides, the combination of these two generates young and professional expression. No wonder that modern office uses to combine blue and orange. It is okay to have a white wall, but adding blue and orange decoration is perfection.

4. Green

If you still wonder of which color matches with orange, then green is the answer. Both green and orange is a warm and natural color. For example, you can match the green pillowcase with orange bed sheets in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid of being too colorful because this combination is a perfect match.

5. Pink

Soft orange and pink color are a combination of natural colors that go with orange because represent in coral, tangerine, and sunsets color. Meanwhile, this color is suitable in a private area such as a bedroom or closets. Also, this combination is a good choice for wedding theme color.

Which Color Matches With Orange Blue Scheme

Decorating in Orange

Some designers say that orange is a tricky color because it takes gallons of paint to seal the wall. Also, some of them say that orange is hard to mix and match. But, the fact is not that way. Yes, orange is tricky and bold color, but it’s awesome if we know how to match it.

1. Dining Room

The dining room is the perfect place to brush an orange color. It is simply because orange is a warm and vibrant color that will boost your appetite. Besides, the dining room is the best place to combine orange with green or beige color to generate a homey feeling.

You can add a beige rug under the dining table or green olive for dining chair color. But, if you want to be safe, simply choose white color for the combination. You can splash the white for your dining table, dining chair, and also your window.

2. Living Room

The living room is the best space to present warmth from natural colors such as orange and pink. Meanwhile, you can choose light oranges such as coral or tangerine and then combine it with peach. For the decorations, simply add orange cushions and lay a white rug to make it more vibrant.

3. Bedroom

It is awesome to present a little bit of bohemian spirit in the bedroom. If you don’t want to die up your bedroom in full orange, you can do it on the decorations. For example, paint your wall in white and spread a bohemian style rug under the bed. Cover the bed in an orange bed cover and seal it with beige and brown pillowcase.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is not a place for cooking meals but also a perfect place to gather with family. So, by choosing warm colors like orange as a wall painting will make a bright kitchen. Don’t be afraid of combining it with soft blue, grey, and green to make it more cheerful. You can also add a potted plant to emerge natural exposure.

5. Terrace

Sitting and enjoy the sunlight on an orange terrace with a glass of orange juice is the best way to spend daylight. Decorating your terrace in orange is the best choice because it will emerge a sunny and cheerful mood. So, if you want to have a perfect spot to relax, why don’t you transform your terrace in orange.

We all now have time to repainting or re-decorate our house during this stay at home period. So, changing it in orange color is suitable since it can boost your mood. Furthermore, you know now which colors match with orange, so just dig in and lift your day.  

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