Why Do We Decorate Christmas Trees?

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Christmas Tree Decoration Themes

Wondering about Christmas people may get existing and interesting. Christmas is the best moment to spend together with family and beloved people. usually, we celebrate Christmas with a different habit. However, all people still have similarity to each other in celebrating Christmas, that is Christmas trees. Well, decorating the Christmas tree is wonderful. But, why do we decorate Christmas trees?

The Philosophy of Christmas Trees

Christmas tree is usually made At Christmas moment. However, people will not build or decorate the Christmas tree with no meaning. There is a big meaning inside the Christmas tree. Indeed, the Christmas tree is just a Casuarina tree with some decorations on the whole surfaces. People do not pick the decoration randomly. But, it has deep meaning that we may never know before.

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1. The Meaning of The Tree

Usually, Christians use the Casuarina tree as the basic tree of the Christmas tree. The Casuarina tree is chosen for special meaning. It doesn’t pick up random or depend on the shape only. However, the Casuarina tree always has green leaves with fresh green. Actually, we must not apply Casuarina trees like a Christmas tree. On the other hand, they can also apply other evergreen trees like a Christmas tree also.

The green color of the leaves is the life symbol. It means the light from the tree that shining in the darkness forest. On the other words, the green leaves are the symbol of strength and shine life around the darkness. It hopes that Christian people are able to be like evergreen trees that shining in the darkness.

2. The Meaning of Christmas Trees on The Cold Weather

Christmas is usually celebrated on the cold weather. The cold weather or winter happens amounts of December as the month of Christmas. However, the time of Christmas is not picked randomly. The time is picked based on some philosophy of Christian. What is the meaning of cold weather at Christmas? If the casuarina tree or evergreen tree as the symbol of life, so the cold weather is the complement.

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Evergreen trees and winter is one unit. It means a strong life that can survive around winter. The casuarina tree is usually found in the forest. Besides, the tree is able to survive in winter no matter how bad the temperature is. That is the deep meaning of the cold weather of Christmas.

3. The Meaning of Christmas Trees Decoration

Christmas tree is indicated with its decoration on the whole surfaces. The Christmas tree looks interesting by the decoration itself. Without decoration, it will look empty and uninteresting. But, do you know why do we decorate Christmas trees?

It says that Christmas is the moment of the nativity for Christian. Thus, it can be said that the Christmas celebration of a moment. Besides, the decoration also means biblical. Thus, it likes celebrating happiness moments. So, they put some decorations through the Christmas tree to merry it. On the other hand, we can call it merry Christmas.

4. The Meaning of Christmas Trees Light

The decoration through the Christmas tree is usually included the tree light. This light is one of the decoration units through the Christmas tree. However, the light is not functioned as the decoration only. Besides, it has other meanings inside the light. The meaning of the light through the Christmas tree is Christmas light and ornament.

Through Christmas, Christian will put many light or candles in their house. Thus, the house will look nice and bright. Besides, they should not forget to put some light through the Christmas thee as the symbol of Christmas light.

Decorate The Christmas Trees

Christmas tree calls a Christmas tree because it has special things. Then, what is the special side? The special thing is located on the decoration itself. It may not call as Christmas tree without decoration. It will be like a common casuarina tree or evergreen tree without decoration. Besides, people will call it like a Christmas tree when it has decorations.

Therefore, we can answer the question “should we decorate the Christmas tree” by our own point of view. Christian usually feel interesting when they begin to decorate Christmas trees. Indeed, decorate something is very interesting to do. On the other hand, their children will also excited to so the same thing, especially to put the main decoration of the Christmas tree that is the main star.

Therefore, there is no reason not to decorate your Christmas tree though Christmas moment. As a Christian, you should put your heart when decorating the Christmas tree because it is not just a simple decoration. It has many deep meanings inside that you should know.

Furthermore, the Christmas tree becomes a unit of the celebration of nativity also. Thus, you should celebrate it by making small decorated Christmas trees. Therefore, your Christmas will be complete as usual.

When We Should Prepare it?

Wondering about why do we decorate Christmas trees, we may also wonder the time to put them on. Besides, we usually do not think about the place so far. We probably just put the Christmas tree in the living room with other Christmas decorations.

So, how about the time? Except why do we decorate Christmas trees, do you ever think about the best time to put it? Then, do you exited to know when the best time to put the Christmas tree actually?

The Christmas tree is special at Christmas moment. Of course, we will start to make it before Christmas Eve and make sure that we have done everything on Christmas Eve. Actually, we can put the Christmas tree and decorate it along Christmas moment even it still 1th of December.

Besides, Romans usually put the Christmas tree until the afternoon of Christmas Eve. If you need more time, you can start to build at an early time. On the other hand, Norwegian always have fake spruces and decoration made from plastic. Therefore, they don’t need much time to make it and just move it into the living room.

Those are the explanation about Christmas tree philosophy and others. Hopefully, this information will be meaningful for you to add your knowledge about why do we decorate Christmas trees.

Then, no matter how expensive the decoration is. The important thing is just you celebrate Christmas as Christian with Christmas tree even it just a simple one. in the last, we can answer the question of why do we decorate Christmas trees.

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