Wonderful Modern Geometric Art For Home

ARTechnic architects design a modern geometric art for a home in Meguro, Japan. The property was completed in 2014 as an attempt made by the architect to present a living space that is also part of nature at the same time. The architect realized that establishing a modern living space should not automatically mean to go against nature at all. The structuring of the house’s design took rational measures and organic concerns into consideration, resulting in the creation of a house that can handle a particular condition of a site and any functions a client requests.

The house feels and looks natural as the architect paid great attention to the use of organic materials and their arrangement.

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ARTechnic Architects Design A Modern Geometric Art for Home that is Organic in Shape

ARTechnic architects design a modern geometric for a home and it stands on a site that has a height variation as much as 3.7 meters, which, for a fact, would normally make for a difficult place to build a house.

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Plus, the site is abundant in trees, as well. The house itself uses the kind of walls that can retain the soil, which, in addition to being the very part of its architectural design, expands into some sort of external shell that is protecting the structure.

ARTechnic architects design a modern geometric art for a home that boasts earth retaining wall that, at its bottom part, rises upward from the ground in spiral-like structure, which eventually is made to look as if it wraps the house within it. It is this shell that makes up the residence exterior.

The shell extends all the way up to the top floor but this section of indoor is separated from the outside world using glass windows. The windows allow for more daylights to enter the rooms, resulting in a feeling of wide-opened space, while also sheltering the owner from direct view from the outside.

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