Yellow Shower Curtain for Sunny Bathroom Design

The yellow shower curtain is an interesting curtain for the sunny bathroom. If you have a bathroom located in the basement, you need to choose the bright colors to make it pop. The dark bathroom is not good for it will make you end up in a nightmare. Many people are scared when they have to take a bath or relax inside the dark bathroom. If you live alone and you want to avoid this nightmare feeling, choose the yellow shower curtain to bring cheerful and sunny effect. It can distract you from nightmare thing. You can make the yellow shower curtain match with the white or creamy brown wall color.

Yellow Shower Curtain for Sunny Bathroom Design 7

Yellow Floral Shower Curtain

Actually, there are many shades of yellow that you can pick to decorate the bathroom. If you do not want to make the bathroom look too much, you can pick the buttercream or honey yellow. The bathroom with a lot of neutral colors will be eye-popping if you select the bold yellow or lemon yellow shower curtains. The plain yellow curtain will never look plain since it has a bright feeling. But you can introduce a pattern to make the bathroom more interesting to view.

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You can make the bathroom more feminine if this area is for the girls with floral pattern all over the curtain. It can feature smaller floral pattern in white to make it match with the white tiled wall and floor. If you want to make the atmosphere cheerful and serene, you can have the yellow shower curtains with green floral pattern. This curtain can set the mood in the room without spending a lot of cash.

Can you imagine if you have to change the wall and floor tiles? You have to spend hundreds of dollars. By replacing the plain shower curtain with yellow shower curtains, you only have to spend less than $50.

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